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  1. doesn't know how to talk about the person above the person above him skillfully.
  2. Still doesn't understand true genius :kappa:
  3. [quote='ladadoos' pid='3193' dateline='1436176472'] watches our sky [/quote] is pretending? to be mean to be for fun?
  4. [quote='MephistoRoss' pid='2911' dateline='1436002933'] [quote='Kaldra' pid='2909' dateline='1436001744'] I just found that one on my harddrive, probably a bit outdated but hey it's nostalgie. :) [url=https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27970276/BattleForge/Battle%20Forge%20Guide%20by%20Elendil%20and%20Kaldra.pdf]Battle Forge Guide by Elendil and Kaldra.pdf[/url] (16.5.2009) [/quote] It seems I have a newer version of your guide on my harddisk. It also includes some screenshots. I uploaded it here: [url=http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=52995438207016657923]http://s000.tiny
  5. is nervous about drayze saying he's a weird dude
  6. [quote='ladadoos' pid='3065' dateline='1436103852'] Just did a fail #EAEAEA o.o, we can see the ! [/quote] [quote='ladadoos' pid='3077' dateline='1436107808'] is mean ;( [/quote] [quote='ladadoos' pid='3086' dateline='1436109729'] should stop with those jokes because its hurting my feelings ;( ;( [/quote] Should stop being mean to people and hurting their feelings if he doesn't want his feelings hurt :D
  7. Doesn't Know its on purpose so people can figure out theres a hidden text! and still [color=#EAEAEA]as mean as always[/color]
  8. Ultrakool

    An idea

    http://bfreborn.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=98&page=5 specifically
  9. Is very cool guy.....[color=#EAEAEA]Not! Is very mean to me on shout box :S [/color]!
  10. Viridya in Soultree. "Claim the central fortresses from the Cult, it will be easier to weather the storm of attacks behind those walls!"
  11. Totally difficult.... xD Moon in treasure fleet. "Viridya is weakening, I think we are halfway there!"
  12. wish granted, but then it would be P2W and booster price double in BFP every month. I wish i could know when bfr is going to come out.
  13. [quote='Arokon' pid='2890' dateline='1435968545'] What do you mean when you asking this question ? About speed or anything else ? [/quote] This question has already been answered, no need to ask further questions about his questions..... ^^ wish i can close this..
  14. Pretty sure it was an anniversary present, and a pretty late one at that, like the last anniversary before BF was shut down.... ;(
  15. [quote='Aazrl' pid='2737' dateline='1435881618'] Let's just make a list of all promo cards. - Promo Construct and Promo Swamp Drake - we could get them for preordering in USA/Europe - Promo Harvester, Promo Lyrish Knight, Promo Razorleaf, Promo Juggernaut - we could get them for preordering anywhere - Promo Firedancer - we could get it for beta testing - Promo Santa Claus - we could get it in special tome promotion during the 2009 Christmas season - Promo Viridya, Promo Mo, Promo Grinder - rewards for refer a friend - Promo Easter Egg - Reward for being online during Easter
  16. [quote='botAIM' pid='2616' dateline='1435840661'] There were also some promos for referring friends and for participating in the original beta. [/quote] Ok thats true ^^ thanks for pointing that out.
  17. [quote='Aazrl' pid='2650' dateline='1435854236'] Let's hope not. I really would like not to make promos worthless. [/quote] I don't think many are going to sell them in the beginning, but you never know maybe someone would be willing to part for x5 booster price.
  18. It would be a while until people have the cards needed to try this again... Are any of the "exploits" fixed since time of recording?
  19. [quote='ladadoos' pid='2671' dateline='1435857901'] I want to play expert maps again!!! :( [/quote] I want to fail on expert maps again ;(
  20. Buffing lost souls and nerving bandits? :troll:
  21. [quote='Aazrl' pid='2693' dateline='1435861162'] [quote='MarbSlonk' pid='2692' dateline='1435860834'] [quote='Aazrl' pid='2682' dateline='1435859750'] I belive that a T1 swift unit with S and splash attack and shield, that is activated near enemy unit should balance frost :) [/quote] Sure, for about 120 power or something? ;-) [/quote] 120 power?! Come on, it should cost the same amount of power as Scavenger! [/quote] a mini super-buffed avatar of frost? no thanks ;)
  22. Is trying to change the topic but is not succeful because is still curious what TEA is!
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