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  1. I'm going the post the quote of a character, and then you need to guess the character and map ex: Rogan Kayle on Encounters of Twilight. Quote: "I have a spell ready! Fall back! Let them come onto the wall!"
  2. granted, you got.... plutonium I wish i could breath fire
  3. [quote='Hirooo' pid='1637' dateline='1435071442'] Is there an archive of the old forum? I made a dictionary back in the days and could use it to check for missings. [/quote] Schalade has selective archive of old forums, you could try to ask him
  4. That is already a red bull triple shot! I love THEM!!
  5. Wish granted, but most people will live shorter lives (in time movie anyone) I wish I could teleport
  6. Wish granted but you can't take it out I wish I could cure terminal diseases
  7. 33, 33+3= 333 333 x 2 =666 The omen is coming for you :O
  8. The chunk about economy and stuff might not be valid anymore, just focus on pve aspect XD
  9. said is stoned to the person who said is panicking to the person who said see who what. is confusing who said i don't know bf campaign. I recognize the soultree i just dunno why the giant who is chasing Rogan is wrecking it!
  10. [quote='Aazrl' pid='819' dateline='1434725336'] Damn, I was doing whole AH process bad. I was trading mountaineers and Overlords, instead of uncommon for 5-15bfp : [/quote] This is more for f2p trading lol What you were doing was making the big bucks ^^
  11. i 8 nothing for lunch yet, me hungry :/ btw @kestas3 ditto
  12. cba? nope never heard of it. how did you have access to the old thread from dot?
  13. _ _ ____ ___ _ _ _ ____ | \ | | | _ \ / __| | | | | | | | \ | \ | | || \ \ / / | | | | | | | |) / | |\ \| | || | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | \ | || | | | | | | | | | | | |\ \ | | \ | ||__/ / \ \__ | |__ | \_/ | | |/ / |__| \_| |____/ \___| |____| \_____/ |____/ Presents: =-----= THE BATTLEFORGE PVE, CARD, AND ECONOMY GUIDE =-= TABLE OF CONTENTS _________________ -Tome Explination -Free Deck Analysis *Nature *Frost *Fire *Shadow -Recomended Budget Cards *Common *Uncommon -Economy and Self-Sustaining Wealth -PVE *Scenario *Battlegrounds *General Tips _______________________________________________________________________________ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>''TOMES''<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< _______________________________________________________________________________ On 6/6/2012 something fantastic changed in battleforge: Each player who had unlocked the full game will now recieve a "Tome" every 2 weeks. Each Tome lasts for 2 weeks and contains 64 unique cards that are all upgraded twice and charged twice. After the 2 weeks are over, the cards are removed from the player's account and the player is issued yet another temporary tome. What makes this so important is the fact that these cards can be added to whatever permanent cards the player owns to enhance his or her deck for free. The ability for a new player to instantly have a level 80 deck due to tome cards is also unprecidented. You cannot charge or upgrade Tome cards. Another advantage that players have with the new tome system is that if they create a deck containing only cards from a tome, they may participate in Tome Pvp 1v1 or 2v2. These matches are the fastest way to earn points that allow you to upgrade your deck as long as opponents are on that you are able to face. Though you earn more than double points for winning do not be afraid to lose due to the fact that the rewards are still fairly lucrative in defeat. Tome PvP might be the most enjoyable thing the game has to offer due to the fact that due to the randomness of tomes, you will never see the same decks over and over, everyone fights only with what they were given. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with whatever cards were granted to you, you may buy a 4 week tome for 300 bfp. If this is done enough times, the chances of having a powerful tome greatly increase and you could end up with cards that have great synergy with one another. Refer to the PvP sections for advice on how to duel effectively. _______________________________________________________________________________ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>''THE FREE DECK''<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< _______________________________________________________________________________ The Free Ceck is the 32 cards you receive when you create a new free account. This section will detail each card in order to dispel the myth that the free deck is inferior to decks that are significantly more expensive. More expensive cards simply create more variety and give access to more options in more situations. They are by no means more powerful and even the most expensive deck has the Free Deck cards as its backbone. As detailed in the Unit Counters section below, each card has an attack type and a size. They will be noted below the card name as: X///Y Where X=attack type and Y=size. NA means no attack type. Attack type means that a unit of a certain size will take 50% more damage from a unit with that attack type. For example, if a Small unit is attacked by a unit with Small attack type, it will do 50% more damage than if the same unit were attacking a Medium unit. The orb costs for each unit describe how many orbs are required for each unit and which type of orb. (Nature)(0)(0) denotes that 1 nature orb in addition to 2 orbs of any color are needed to bring in a unit.(Shadow)(Shadow) describes the card as needing 2 orbs to beof the Shadow color. A rating sytem done with a percentage will also be given in each breakdown. A 0% rating is as bad as it gets and has no place in any deck but 100% is a card that should be used whenever the colors allow for it. =-----= NATURE =-= Windweavers ___________ NA////S (Nature) The general consensus among veteran players is that Windweavers are the best archers in the game. Though it is not a sentimant I share, I still believe them to be excellent units. Their multishot ability allows them to effectively double their damage output a majority of the time. If they are attacking a lone squad, they will still get the benefits of hitting 2 units when they are only attacking one. The multishot also allows them to hit units that would be slightly out of their range if the primary target is in range but the secondary one is not. This is a rare occurence but welcomed when it happens. They come at the highest first-orb powercost of any archer, which is their main drawback and they have fairly low health for their cost. A must in 95% of Nature decks in both PVP and PVE. Rating: 95% Werebeasts __________ S///S (Nature) Though they do not synergize well with a PVE offense in a Windweaver group, they are decent combat units. Quite expensive for a first-orb melee unit,they suffer from having weak stats. Their advantages come from having swift speed and regeneration. They are ideal in pve for running past obstacles you would like to avoid or hit-and-run attacks on small units. They do more damage against small units but will lose against most other PVP small units. Their best action can be seen on youtube if you search "free deck expert solo." They are key in beating most expert maps cheaply. To summarize, they are decent units but are overshadowed when the card collection grows for general PVP combat. Rating: 65% Surge of light ______________ -Spell- (Nature) Surge of light heals your own units. Surge and Windweavers are the core of pure nature t1 tactics. Gets the job done, simple, can be used for most situations, and cheap. Surge is so effective that it is still decent enough to have continued use even when you reach t2. Highly needy of having charges due to the fact that very few things are more irritating than watching your units almost dead and surge is on cooldown, you will use often. My general rule is never heal any army unless you can get 80+ power's worth of results out of the heal. For example, never heal a single windweaver unless it's an emergency. The better option would simply be to let him die and bring in another windweaver. However, if you have 300 power's worth of an army about to die, a surge of light is just what the doctor ordered. Rating: 100% Primal Defender _______________ -building- (Nature) Base defense building. Can hit both air and ground if its mode is changed to fit the situation. While they have excellent stats, Primal Defenders occupy a large footprint and have difficulty shooting around each other, limiting their use to PVE maps that require base defense at t1. Rating: Pve 60% PvP 40% Drones ______ L///M (Nature)(0)(0) These are actually interesting little things. Compared to other t3 melee units, their stats are low. However, having a swift melee unit is important because it closes the gap more quickly and prevents things from getting away. If you have the cheap common card Tunnel, you can also use these to teleport back to the tunnel whenever your heart desires. Large damage modifier lets them take down most of the opposition due to how common large units are at T3. Rating: 80% Swamp Drake ___________ XL///L (Nature)(0)(0) Nature's t3 flying unit. Their ability gives the free deck its only disable. While they have a good, cheap ability that should be used in most situations, they are mostly brought in to give firepower. Their damage is not exemplary, but the fact that they are an air unit allow them to avoid most opposition and lay down precision strikes on targets. Another benefit that is not listed but should be noted is that they have the same speed as swift units so also use that to your advantage by either strafing units or running away. They also serve as an excellent counter to your opponent's XL units by putting them to sleep, damaging them with XL damage, and running away faster than XL units can travel. Rating: PvE 80% PvP 70% Giant Wyrm __________ L///XL (Nature)(0)(0)(0) The only XL unit immediately accessable and the king of the free deck. For a flying unit, it lays down considerable damage and though is fairly power-needy, it is more than worth it to bring out whenever available. Players could consider throwing in at least one Nature orb in the free deck in order to bring out this beast. If it was not so numerously distributed I get the feeling that this card would be very valuable. Pairs exceptionally well with the Shadow buff cards as well. I get happy just thinking about them. Rating 95% Regrowth ________ -spell- (Nature)(0)(0)(0) The most healing you will get for the power of any card in the game, this card will be almost required in any deck with any Nature in it at all. To get the maximum effect, the caster will need to put it where his units will be for a few seconds to also gain the heal over time aspect of the spell. Makes giant wyrms happy (or anything else that would otherwise die). This card also needs charges so make sure to get ahold of multiples asap to reap the full benefits. Also note that like all healing spells in the game regrowth is arcane, which means you can cast it without ground control. Rating 100% =-----= FROST =-= Master Archers ______________ S///S I have to be honest, when I first started the game I looked over my options and noticed that these were archers that had more health than damage. My first thought was how could there possibly be a use for these guys? The whole point of ranged units are to put a lot of pain in one area without being in harms way...And then I upgraded them...Boy was I wrong, these little suckers, after upgrades, have the best stats of any t1 archer in the game. Add to that the fact that they do more damage against small units(the most common t1 unit) and you have a powerhouse on your hands. I understand that if you start Frost orb you dont have immediate access to heals but with these guys it simply wont matter. HEAVILY needy of upgrades and charges, so planning on starting Frost orb leaves you planning for the future. Rating: 95% Northguards ___________ S///S (Frost) An odd card to say the least. They have the best stats per power of any melee unit and would be overpowered in another color. However they become obsolete in any deck that has Master Archers upgraded. If you're lacking upgrades, throw them in, otherwise don't bother. Rating 40% Glaciel Shell _____________ -spell- (Frost) Glacial Shell constructs a barrier around one of your buildings, making it virtually invincible until the spell wears off. Frost players in PVP use Glacial Shell to defend their bases, at which it is almost too good. It should be in every Frost PVP deck. For PVE, Glacial Shell has little use beyond purely defensive missions. Rating: For PVE 50% for PVP 100% Defense Tower _____________ -building- (Frost) For beginners who haven't learned the right balance of attack and defense, Defense Towers can be a life-saver. Once you get that balance down, which you will very quickly, they become obsolete in most situations, even for PVE. Rating: PvE 45% PvP 20% Defenders _________ L///S (Frost)(0) Another archer with more health than attack. They are also needy of upgrades but remain far more situational than the normal archer. In pve, they only serve as moderate anti-air and large unit killers. In pvp, they are far more useful. It should be noted that their defensive mode counts as a "stance change" which will return 100% power to void. On walls in defensive mode, they are nearly unkillable and it is more likely for the wall to crumble before they do. Don't expect them to shine in every situation, but if you need to hold an area or keep pressure they are your unit. Immunity to being knocked back is also nice in defensive mode to take out pesky things knocking you around. Rating: PvE 70% PvP 80% Cannon Tower _______________ -building- (Frost)(0) Though it is only capable of hitting ground units, it is a defensive tower that packs quite a punch for its cost. Additionally it provides small unit knockback and shoots fairly quickly which will neutralize small squads that challenge it. Should only be used in situations where you either know you will be attacked in an area all game or can construct it offensively while disabling the enemy units trying to bring it down. If it is built near an enemy well or orb in PvP, glacier shell usually leads to a victory but this takes practice. Rating: for PVE 75% for PVP 75% Tremor ______ Siege///L (Frost)(Frost)(0) The first unit of this list that needs more than one orb of its color to bring out, and what a powerhouse it is. The first temptation is to use it as a unit whacker which, while not nessessarily a bad use of him due to his great stats, is not where he shines. You will be hard pressed to find a unit that absolutely decimates buildings. While he does hold plenty of use in pve clearing out things that dont fly, in pvp he is king at killing orbs and wells. You will quickly find him handing you wins on a regular basis because players can't kill him before he kills their base with his ability. Rating: For PvE 75% PvP 90% Shield Building _______________ -spell- (Frost)(0)(0) Essentially a super beefed-up version of glacial shell. If you slap this on a building, it will keep it alive in the midst of all but the most intense attacks. However, later in the game it will have more place in pvp than in pve. This being said, it's absolutely amazing in 2v2 pvp and will irritate your opponents to the high heavens. Rating: for PVE 50% for PVP 80% Silverwind Lancers _______________ L///M (Frost)(0)(0) They accomplish nearly the same thing as drones do for nature. They are a slightly more efficient investment than drones and should be used in most decks due to good stats and swiftness. One of the most common strategies is to combine these squads with the shadow spell, nasty surprise, which allows for a highly destructive and fairly cheap bomb. Set them off one after another to make your enemy fear you. Rating: for PVE 75% for PVP 85% Tempest _______ M///L (Frost)(0)(0)(0) A strange unit to be in the free deck. By no means is it a bad unit, but it won't ever reach its full potential until a freezing spell is collected. However, without it nailing frozen targets, it still has respectable damage output and will work similar to a base defense. You might have some success doing a root- move-root-move style on attack but that's more work than what some people would want. As a note, it takes longer to root for attack than to unroot to move, so remember that. Rating: 65% =-----= FIRE =-= Morklay Trap ____________ -building- (Fire)(0) This is essentially a bomb that lies in wait for the enemy to walk into its range. A twist on the base defense, it sacrifices itself either by your order or the enemy destroying it which causes a fairly destructive blast in a radius. Its secondary and more powerful ability is a fairly costly skill that fires a blast wave in a cone that does substantial damage to anything in that line. The secondary effect also causes the normal blast to go off adding to the mayhem. Too difficult to construct in the face of the enemy so have them placed ahead of time to destroy stupid PvE foes or cause PvP enemies to avoid the area. Rating: for PVE 70% for PVP 50% Fire Stalker ____________ L(and siege)///M (Fire)(0) At first glance, this card seems fairly average but let me assure you, when you get a bunch of these puppies all pouring heat on an area, you see them shine. They are effective in ranged or melee mode but when you have a lot of them around switch to ranged mode. They are good to pour damage on an area over cliffs or walls due to their ridiculous range but note that they lose their swift in ranged mode. The only unit I know of that has both siege and large unit damage so that makes it more interesting. Rating: PvE 90% PvP 80% Rage Claws __________ M///S (Fire)(0) Though they have great health, a player might wonder why it appears they have so little damage for a Fire unit. This is fairly deceptive because the rage mechanic that they have allows them to do 4x damage after 10 seconds of attacking. After upgrades this allows them to hit about 1800+ damage for a t2 unit. However, this comes at the cost of having quite poor damage before being fully ranged, and if they stop attacking for 5 seconds they lose that bonus. Being a melee unit, it's hard to keep the rage up each time you kill a unit. Super-underrated unit in my mind, though they are fairly upgrade-needy because you will see 4x improvement after each upgrade as well. Rating: PvE 75% PvP 85% Lava Field __________ -spell- (Fire)(0) Incredible damage-dealing card. Anytime you have a little power floating around and see a lot of units that are begging to be on the recieving end of damage, throw this sucker in. It is fairly needy of charges and it only does half damage to buildings, but the majority of the time you hit units with it, you get your power's worth of destruction. Rating: For PvP and PvP 100% Magma Hurler ____________ L///L (Fire)(0)(0) One of the best free cards. In great number, they are a force to be reckoned with and can even bring t4 units to their knees. The only drawback that I can think of is the fact that upgrades don't help them along that much but charges will be needed. They work fairly well in large groups with swamp drakes as well. Rating: PvE 95% PvP 70% Magma Spore ___________ L///M (Fire)(0)(0) Generally players view magma spore as worthless. Though this is far from the truth, I almost can't blame them due to the fact that to effectively use them, lots of effort needs to be put into running around nuking thigs on the ground with their skill. I heavily suggest usage of the Z button skill hotkey when using several of their skills at once. They have difficulty hitting any moving target either in the air or the ground but if they land hits you will see significant damage output (greater than magma hurlers but more upgrade needy). Eventually, if you can afford the shadow card Motivate, it kicks them into higher gear and catches other players off-guard because its a tactic almost never seen. Rating: For PvE 60% PvP 70% Emberstrike ___________ M///L (Fire)(0)(0)(0) In my mind, it's a heavily underrated card. I know that the temptation is to just stick with XL units but these guys have more burst damage capability. They do a great job maintaining ground control for giant wyrms and adding to the carnage. They have a nifty little ability to blow enemies up just by being summoned but the problem here is that, even though its a nice extra source of damage, in most cases brought in offensively like this causes him to be dazed. They have to be played around with for a while to get a good idea of how they fit your playstyle. Rating: 80% Fire Sphere ___________ -spell- (Fire)(Fire)(Fire)(0) Massively damaging spell that has a fairly cheap powercost for what it does. However it has two fairly large drawbacks. One of which is the fact that it takes a good amount of time to charge up, during which time it is highly possible that your enemies might leave the radius. The other issue with the card is that its orb costs require 3 fire orbs, a very large request for a basic free deck that gets the most potential from having the biggest mix of colors. However, it is still highly possible to use if you like it enough and I suggest users play around with it. Rating: 70% =-----= SHADOW =-= Ripper ______ S///S (Shadow)(0) Actually one of the more underrated cards in my mind. Much like the majority of shadow cards, it is heavily dependent on upgrades to function well but once upped it is a pve beast. They heal when corpses are in the area and practice will allow you to know how much punishment they can take while healing it all off. Stat-wise they are not exactly golden for the powercost but that doesn't matter if they are nearly immortal. In PvP they are entirely made obsolete by the quick damage of darkelf assassins. Rating: PvE 80% PvP 65% Nightcrawler ____________ M///M (Shadow)(0) This bug will turn a lot of players off at first glance. It has moderate stats but a skill that kills itself? Why would anyone want to do that? To answer this question I would say that after upgrades it becomes borderline overpowered and an absolute must for any pvp deck with a shadow orb. They double their damage during their frenzied state which allows you to gain incredibly cheap damage output in little bursts if you keep these guys comming. Heavily needy of charges as well because even top decks run out of charges most often of nightcrawler. Rating: PvE 65% PvP 100% Unholy Power ___________ -spell- (Shadow)(0) Relatively confusing card when you first read it but the best summary I could make is that it makes a single unit take 50% less damage and do 50% more damage. This makes it an incredible card to be used at any orb level. It also is one of the only shadow cards that is pretty decent without being upgraded. On raged rageclaws they will blow your mind, on a fourth orb unit tanking you will see better results, and on any unit that you simply want to fight harder this is your card. My only recomendation is to not use it on cards that have powercosts less than about 70 unless you simply have lots of power laying around. Play with it and find out what units you think benefit the most from it. Rating: 95% Shadow Insect _____________ L///M (Shadow)(0)(0) I tried to make this card work...I really did. Its stats are beyond pitiful for the power cost and to top it off its a melee unit? I know it has swift and immune to knockback but that's not enough to send it into viability. It gathers up souls to shoot a projectile at enemies but it only does decent damage when hitting a large unit or small squads. They can make interesting hit and run attack groups if you have a steady supply of corpses but for that amount of power most things will work. In summary the only reason to use them is if you simply feel like being different, enjoy the extra clicking involved, or just have deck slots avaiable. Rating: For PvE 25% For PvP 20% Unholy Hero ___________ -spell- (Shadow)(0)(0)(0) Unholy hero might just be the most underrated card in the game. It increases damage greatly of your unit in exchange for any damage taken by the unit being shared by your allied units in the small radius. After upgrades shared damage is lowered significantly and the target of the spell will enjoy triple damage. At first look it would seem that the card would only be suitable to lone combatants, which truthfully its good with. However in the vast majority of fights you will have ranged units sending in damage without being counterattacked. These are prime targets for unholy power and I get much joy out of throwing it on giant wyrms for over 15k damage. The unit being hit takes unholy power and the others take unholy hero for maximum results. Rating: 85% Rifle Cultists ______________ L///S (Shadow)(0)(0)(0) The only 4th orb small unit in the game these guys actually have decent stats for their minimal cost. However, the big issue lies in the fact that being small units, they will not be able to keep up with a fourth orb general attack force. Just about anything will outrun them or wait for them to catch up. Instead their main purpose after needed upgrades is to use their unholy grenade skill to literally snipe units and buildings far out of normal range. It will damage your units as well so keep that in mind but also note that things like unholy hero and unholy power will increase grenade damage. Also there is a card called offering that was almost made for these guys and very cheap. Rating: 75% _______________________________________________________________________________ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>''CHEAP POWERFUL CARDS''<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< _______________________________________________________________________________ The majority of players are on some sort of budget, so in this section, game-changing cards will be suggested to improve on the free deck. They are incredibly easy to attain by any player. Common cards are only worth 1/2 to 1/3 battleforge point apiece as long as you can find a reasonable seller. Uncommons range more in price but I tried to pick out the cheapest ones to get a player started. Frostbite (tainted affinity/Purple Dot) ___________________________ -spell- (Frost) For only 20 power after upgrades, you can slow a unit down to a crawl as well as deal 25% more damage to it. This is a card that is incredible on any orb level for slowing things down, getting more damage output on everything, and killing bosses. As an added bonus, its cooldown is faster than its reusable timer, meaning that no charges will even be nessesary saving you money. For a common card this is killer for any deck with a frost orb in it. Rating: 90% Imperials _________ M///S (Frost) Very upgrade-needy card, but for the cost of moving very slow, has incredible staying power due to massive amounts of health and damage reduction. It is the ultimate tanking unit for 1 orb but due to its speed the player will need to activate and deactivate the skill while going in and out of combat. Has much more pvp use due to medium damage modifier and generally lengthy 1 orb combat. For most of pve only master archers are really needed but try this unit out after upgrades and see if its playstyle suits you for pve. For a common card hardly a reason not to buy as a frost player. Rating: For PVE 60% For PVP 85% Breeding Grounds ________________ -building- (Nature)(0) A building that makes any allied unit cost 25% less when summoned in its radius. A must to build for any nature player in an area that the player knows that they will bring in lots of power costs-worth of units. Good enough to continue being used at any orb level and if not more summoning will occur at the area then it is best to destroy the building in order to get some void back. They are best built on multiplayer maps in an area that as many players as possible can access it in order allow others cheaper units. Much more oriented to PVE due to the fact that the initial 70 power is a big investment and units generally do not live nearly as long, which limits the effect. Rating: For PVE 95% for PVP 40% Curse of Oink _____________ -Spell- (Nature)(0) Though probably one of the strangest named cards in the game, its value is unmatched. The effect of the spell is that it turns every enemy unit in the area into pigs that cannot attack or use spells but will revert to normal units if attacked or the duration ends. There are two things that makes this disable so great. The first thing is that you can disable an army but focus fire on one unit to "single" it out and continue to do this killing units one by one with almost no resistance. The other thing that makes it strong is that for the first 5 seconds of the spell all of the units can be attacked and still remain as pigs giving you a chance to fully attack without any retaliation. A common and absolute must for any PVE or PVP deck. Rating: 100% Offering (Gifted Affinity/Green Dot) ________________________ -Spell- (Shadow) A somewhat difficult card to explain, but any time you find yourself waiting on power-heavy cards to cooldown, offering is the answer. Playing a giant wyrm without charges causes a player to wait 150 seconds until it is able to be played again. If offering is played on a cheap card like rifle cultists, the most common offering target, the player will then be able to immediately bring out another giant wyrm. An absolutely nessesary card to use for anyone short of charges with a shadow orb and a great option for even players who due have full charges due to the fact that 4 orb units in pve generally are used enough to run out. Common card that once you start using it you will find yourself wanting it in non-shadow decks as well. Rating: For PvE 95% for PvP 0% Nasty Surprise _____________ -Spell- (Shadow) Another difficult card to see the benefit from at first glance but rest assured it's a good one. It sacrifices one of your own units in order to deal damage to both allied and enemy units in the area based on how much health the unit you blew up had at the time of the spell casting. A few conditions have to be met for an ideal nasty suprise to occur. One is a full-health or nearly full-health unit. If a unit is less than about 75% health, it is generally not efficient to be blowing up. The second condition is that your units that you are not blowing up are clear of the blast radius. You don't want to spend a bunch of power killing your own units and absorbing damage meant for the enemy. Third condition is using it on a relatively high hitpoint unit which Works very well combined with high hitpoint frost units. Though its generally needed in pvp, it's use for pve all depends on how this sort of playstyle fits in with the player and how much practice is put into getting the most out of each and every explosion. Rating: For PvE 50% For PvP 90% Undead Army+Knight of Chaos+Corpse Explosion ____________________________________________ -spell-, L///M, -spell- (Shadow)(Shadow) Throwing all of these cards together due to how cheap they are but take note that these are ONLY for a pure shadow player on the first 2 orbs. Despite being generally the most expensive deck in the game, these 3 cards are a cheap alternative for those who just have to have shadow in their life. Undead army and corpse explosion are both used when there are corpses in the area only. The only difference though is that undead army can be used with your own units in close proximity but corpse explosion will heavily damage allied and enemy units. Corpse explosion only hits ground units and you can activate it on top of your army as its about to die or just out of range of your units and over the enemies they have just slain. Undead army gives you 4 groups of skeleton warriors that only live for 30 seconds but all take 60% damage reduction, making them almost unkillable for the duration. Knight of chaos is just a generally good combat unit that can activate his skill when overrun. None of these are nessessary for normal players, only suggestions for players who demand to be shadow. The main reason they are not suggested more highly is that first orb shadow is the worst orb for pve due to the fact that it needs upgrades the most, needs TONS of practice and planning, and requires a high level of skill. Rating: Undead Army 85%, Corpse Explosion 70%, Knight of Chaos 80% Nomad (Green Dot/Gifted Affinity) ______________________ M///M (Fire) Many players do not understand how powerful and easy to use this card is. The free deck does not set things up to be able to have your starting orb as fire and this unit allows exactly that for minimal cost. When 3 or more are in the vacinity they heal each other for a sizable amount. Combine this with swift and good stats and you have a self-supporting 1 orb powerhouse. They are heavily in need of charges due to the fact that they should be used in large number or not at all and each upgrade helps their survivability. After one upgrade they receive the ability to throw a spear at air units that does cost a lot of power but adds a slight degree of purpose to the unit. If a deck has these babies fully charged and upgraded along with erruption it is enough to tackle 90% of what you will face in pve alone with hardly any skill needed. However, take note that they are far more needed in pve than in pvp. In pvp they remain simply a noob stomper and will not get far against a seasoned opponent alone. Rating: For PVE 100%, For PVP 30% Eruption ________ -spell- (Fire) I would claim that eruption and nomads round out an effective fire-first orb deck, but truthfully it is needed in every single fire deck in the game. Easy card to describe, it simply blows things up. One thing to note though is in PVP try not to blow anything up that is worth less than the power cost of eruption itself. Works well to damage clusters of any type of unit and has no cooldown other than the charge cooldown of the card itself. With that in mind, it is heavily needy of charges. Also note that it also hits air and knocks back small units, sometimes giving nomads some extra time to heal. Rating: 100% Ravage ______ -spell- (Fire)(0) Another card that is absolutely nessessary for decks that have a fire orb in them. It heals a single unit over time as long as that unit is dealing damage or taking damage. Ironically, a color known for almost no defense or healing and all offense has possibly the best heal in the game. Combos incredibly well with unholy power, which virtually makes an unkillable unit in many situations. Due to its extremely low power cost, it should be used in almost all situations of t2 and t3. In t4 its use is fairly diminished due to the higher hitpoints of units but for a incredibly cheap common, this one is a gem. Rating: 95% Sun Reaver __________ NA///L (Fire)(0)(0) Not exactly a needed card due to the fact that Magma Hurlers can clear most oposition when their numbers are high. However, for a cheap common combat unit the Sun Reaver simply stands fairly high in general effectiveness. It does increasing damage the longer that it hits a unit similar to the rage mechanic but the damage will continue to mount even a slight duration after the Sun Reaver ceases to attack. The vast majority of its damage comes from the burn effect which also is increased with buffs such as unholy power. Though the unit does have a root ability as well as a line area of effect spell, these are generally not nessessary at all due to the fact that simply whacking units will reap about the same results. Great choice for the pvp player who does not have 2 frost orbs for tremors but still needs a heavy hitter to kill buildings. Rating: 80% Maelstrom _________ -spell- (Frost)()()() To explain how effective this card is I would go as far to say that any pve deck with at least one frost orb needs maelstrom. For the amount of damage you pull out of this card for very little orb restriction it is as dirt cheap as they come. Though its an uncommon card it is often found for only 3 bfp and it is completely worth it. The powercost of 240 is about average for a damaging fourth orb spell but after upgrades it drops all the way down to 180 which is fantastic. Unlike other disables, it literally has no maximum amount of units that it can freeze, so even the largest armies in the game hit by this not only will take great damage over time but be frozen in a few seconds. Also combos incredibly well with shatter ice if your deck has 3 frost orbs; I can't think of much that will survive that double threat. Rating: 95% Necrofury _________ XL///XL (Shadow)()()() A unit that only appears to have moderate stats but this is slightly misleading.In his ranged mode, he deals considerable amount of damage to any ground unit to effectively be a mobile attack turret with considerable range. After upgrades it gains the bone shard ability that, while it reduces his own health to use, causes incredible destruction in the target area. Not only does this ability one-shot most things with unholy hero, but works really well with regrowth or infernal chain green affinity. In summary, he is the king of killing ground and air is the king of killing him. Eventually, he is not mobile enough to keep up with expensive decks, but he is still underrated in my mind with support for such a cheap uncommon. You could even snag him from another player for 2 bfp. Rating: 65% Fountain of Rebirth ___________________ -building- (nature) I often hear of players telling me how much they "need" shaman. Though it is my opinion it is also supported by results: he is one of the most overrated cards in the game. Though nature can survive the majority of first orb encounters with only upgraded surge of light and windweavers, hurricane and ensnaring roots are the only real need. Though both of these cards hold too high of a price tag for this section I will suggest an alternative: Fountain of Rebirth. This little shrine can be assigned to a hotkey to provide gradual healing for not only your army, but every allies army as well across the entire map. This card will make you known as a teamplayer and make others love you for very little powercost. You can also use 2 of them and alternate their abilities for continual healing. Its prices is a tiny fraction of shaman and its pve uses are greater due to much less powercost allowing for less offensive loss to gain healing. Though it cannot make Surge of Light obsolete, it will guarantee you using it less and you can activate it throught the entire game as long as it stays alive. Rating: 80% _______________________________________________________________________________ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>''ECONOMY AND SELF-SUSTAINING WEALTH''<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< _______________________________________________________________________________ Because Battleforge can be played entirely free with very little handicap when compared to paid players, many will refuse to ever spend a dime on the game out of principle. It is also an understood fact that not every player can afford to buy Battleforge points for some reason or another. Therefore this section is dedicated to providing guidance to those players who want to generate enough Battleforge points to sustain most deck choices through manipulation of the auction house as well as savvy spending without using any real money. Players that refuse to spend real money should be highly cautioned that any following measures suggested will all be far less efficient than buying a digital copy of Battleforge on amazon.com for 12 USD, which gives an instant cd key that when entered in the game will provide 3000 Battleforge points and 64 additional free cards. Unless a player straight up donates this to you, there is absolutely no way to generate that many points without spending considerable time “investing” to achieve this, which will end up costing you more money on the electricity bill than the 12 USD option. Additionally, time is always worth money, and if a player cannot afford 12 USD, they cannot afford to be spending months in the game investing virtual money. The developers spent considerable time to give us this excellent game and a little money goes a long way for their post-release development to always make this game better. Battleforge has also recently heavily reduced their bfp price to an insane degree making this possibly the cheapest RTS you can be part of even if you buy straight from EA. That being said, the following are ways to generate Battleforge points without spending any real money. The first rule of thumb that may not be immediately obvious to starting players is to literally save everything you have for a while. Each player is awarded one Battleforge point, which from this point on will be referred to as BFP, for playing 15 minutes per day. Though this may seem like a small amount, it will be the biggest source of income to a starting free player and will later be used for investments in the auction house to multiply itself. If you have read this far and need any bfp whatsoever, message me ingame telling me you read this and I will happily mail you 5 bfp. The initial temptation is to buy the mini-boosters that cost 1 BFP, but I assure you that there is not a single booster in the game that yields its own value in cards in the long term. They are all gambles that will lose you BFP in the long term and the vast majority of the time will give you cards that do not even fit the structure of your deck. For example the vast majority of common cards in the game are worth roughly one half of a BFP as long as the seller has enough supply. If you can buy 2 common cards that you know that you need from another player, why spend that same 1 BFP for a completely randomized common that will most likely not be of any use to you and only be worth half of a BFP? Each mini-booster has a 10% chance of yielding an uncommon card, which are generally of more value, but due to the massive amount of mini-boosters bought over the months by the entire gaming community, the supply of these uncommon cards has driven the value of each down enough to not make that 10% chance worth spending the 1 BFPon them statistically. Stories will always be told about how a player made money off of some booster pack, but I assure you that these are isolated incidents and that generally the biggest regret by far of starting players is spending money on boosters. If players could make money on boosters in the long run then they would constantly buy them until the end of time and make incredible amounts of money, however this is not the way markets work, so save your BFP. One rule that may sound strange but will actually benefit you and save you loads of time is avoid trading with other players. I know the idea of trading sounds great, both players get what they want and everyone leave happy. However,the way trading pans out in this game is that both players want to profit off of each other, which is an impossibility. This leads to loads of offers that will be made for your cards that in the vast majority of cases are awful value for you. Buying cards from other players with bfp is more than fine. Let it be noted that if a player is trying to sell you a card make sure it is being offered for less bfp than the lowest buyout value of that card in the auction house. Never make a deal with another player before consulting the auction house because a cards price will always be its lowest buyout at the time, this fluctuates daily, so check often. Another option when it comes to cheap cards is buying cards for gold. Because the ingame trade mechanic does not allow gold to be traded this has to occour by mail. As such one player has to heavily trust the other because in gold trading even if payment is sent, the other player can cheat you and send nothing back. To avoid this extremely common problem go to the official battleforge forum where there is a trade section. In this section players needing gold set up a list of what's for sale and how much it is. These players usually have several vouches that you can see in the thread that allows him to be a player you can trust because their shop will close down if people stop vouching for him. Let it be noted thatgold:bfp ratio is somewhere between 2000:1 to 3000:1 depending on the seller, so be sure you have plenty of gold left over for upgrades if you trade your gold away. Once you have a decent amount of Battleforge points saved up, around 12 or so, and a decent deck built it will then be time to invest in the auction house. A general rule to go by when it comes to card buying for use or investments is to never spend your entire savings on any card ever. Having usable BFP is always more important than having a card that holds the same value because of two main reasons. One of which is that you never know when a great deal will show upm so you want to constantly be ready to jump on deals when they happen. The second reason is that the more BFP you have, the faster you can make it; therefore, having no spendable BFP makes earning any more BFP far too slow of a process. Stay away from buying any common card due to the fact that 3 bfp for a common is ridiculous. My advice would be to find around 3 different uncommon cards you can count on that generally go for about 6-12 bfp buyout. To find cards in this range that don't fluctuate that much it will take patience to monitor. Once your "target" cards are selected and from monitoring them you are sure that the buyout never hits less than 4 bfp, bid on any of them that you can put a 3 bfp bid on. Expect to be outbid on around 90% of these so plan for the long haul and bid on as many as possible. It is the 10% that you are waiting to slip through the cracks and be awarded to you for a fraction of their cost. The next step is place these back on the auction house for 1 less than whatever the lowest bid is. Another expectation is to have many of these auctions go unsold so prepare to keep putting them up and be patient. Eventually you will win these bids and sell the cards and you will slowly see your investment rise. As your usable bfp rises so will the speed at which you can make it by either bidding on a greater number of cards or moving up to more expensive cards. An example would be cards that generally sell for 50 you might be able to grab for 30 or so. My advice is that if you bid on more expensive cards that you plan to resell make sure your profit is high enough to warrant the greater risk. Buying a normally prices 50 bfp card for 47 bfp generally ends in you bein stuck with that card unable to sell it for anything more than 45 due to rising and lowering of prices. Expect your ingame mail to be filled with "you have been outbid" and "auction unsold" and dont be discouraged because every "you have won the bid!" and "auction sold!" is money in the pocket. Over almost a year I have literally generated somewhere around 25,000 bfp but looking back that time would definately have been better spent on amazon.com buying bfp straight. This method is only for those who enjoy playing markets or whos time is worthless. As an added sidenote, if you have any wealth whatsoever in your account or value it whatsoever NEVER give your account information to anyone. Not even Electronic Arts or Phenomic Studios will ever ask you for any of your account information because they already have every bit of it in their data base. If you ever have another player send you a message or mail pretending to be Electronic Arts or asking for account name and password report them immediately by using "/report playername reason". If EA needs to tell you anything it will come with a very specific EA stamp on the mail. If it does not have that it is not EA. We dont need any more accounts stolen or people trying to steal them. The community is small and fragile and every account counts! _______________________________________________________________________________ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>''PLAYER VS ENVIORNMENT''<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< _______________________________________________________________________________ Player vs enviornment includes both scenarios as well as randomly generated battlegrounds. It will now on be referred to as PVE. This will be the source of the vast majority of your upgrades and is the core of the game's grind. ''SCENARIOS'' Scenarios are also known as missions and can be found listed on the world map. At the start of the game very few are available but more become unlocked as you progress through the missions. Beating a mission on standard in single player yeilds 2 first level upgrades. Advanced yeilds 2 second level upgrades and expert gives 2 third level upgrades. 2+ player maps give 4 upgrades each victory even if only one player beat the entire map. A mission has to be completed in standard difficulty to access its advanced difficulty and the same is true for advanced in order to unlock expert difficulty.Some missions do not have a standard difficulty and can only be seen on the world map when advanced or higher difficulty is selected from the drop down bar. Use allbfcards.com to know what missions you need to play in order to gain the upgrades you need and let it be noted that it will usually take several retries of a map to get the upgrades you need due to randomness in its awards. Just learn a good system to knock each map out as fast and efficient as possible. ''BATTLEGROUNDS'' Battlegrounds are also known as random PvE and are randomly generated maps in which the user selects a difficulty out of 10 and is given a certain amount of time in which he or she needs to elemenate every enemy unit and building before it expires. These are generally maps that require a rolling offense and where base defense has almost no place whatsoever. The four types of enemies that a player will find are bandits(easy), stonekin(easy), twilight(medium), and lost souls(hard). The type of enemy is completely random and can usually be predicted by the color of the land. Instead of assigning direct upgrades for victory, battle tokens instead are assigned. These can be used in the upgrade menu to buy the exact upgrade you want as long as you have enough to purchase it. Though this may sound like a more favorable alternative to the random drops of regular scenarios let me assure you that it is less efficient. The only times when battlegrounds are a better source of upgrades are when you cant seem to get a certain upgrade from scenario because it wont drop or because you cant beat it. If you use battlegrounds for the majority of your upgrades, not only will you get them at a slower rate, but the repetitive nature of battlegrounds has burned out many players who simply get bored of it. Generally decks that are effective in battlegrounds have very few first, second, and third orb cards because a player should be able to get to fourth orb quickly and spend the majority of the game with 4 orbs. Generally avoid 2 player battlegrounds because for some reason or another they are far more difficult than the single player and 4 player battlegrounds. ''GENERAL TIPS'' A vast majority are my opinions but they are also based on a significant amount of my experience with what I have been massively successful with. The amount of options available for pve is just staggering so it is impossible to address everything. On the bight side of things there are not too many ways to mess it up in PVE until you hit expert difficulty or lvl 8-10 battlegrounds. -One thing most players dont seem to grasp is that even the free deck has been proven capable of beating every map on every difficulty. If you do not believe mem youtube has every single map beaten with only the free deck and I would suggest using this resource to guide you heavily when having trouble. -PVE is all about clearing out maps as fast as possible. Very few maps need any base defense whatsoever and a common mistake are players who sit back binding the majority of their power in immobile base defense. Missions and battlegrounds are best played literally by an attack that rarely stops. Press hard and keep killing, wasting time is the worst thing you can do. Find out what the minimum amount of units it takes to get to the next orb and remember that each time you play the map to save loads of time. -Once the card collection is big enough, the player should make specialized decks for each map and a seperate one for battlegrounds. The decks can be very close in composition but generally what excels at map map is ineficient at others. For example, some maps need an extensive 1 orb arsenal and others are almost entirely fought on 4th orb. Some maps demand base defense but most are better played without any at all.This will become much more apparent at higher map difficulties where the right tools for the job become much more nessessary. -Power needs to always be used as efficiently as possible. This includes actions such as never having any units without an immediate purpose. If you have lots of first orb units standing around but have more than one orb in your possession, then kill your units to cycle your void power back into usable power. It will give you far more power to work with in the long run that you can spend on higher orb units that will be quite a bit more bang for your buck. -Extra large units are not always the best or strongest choice. I know every player enjoys seeing a behemoth rampage opposing armies but I find that far too many players take this too far. They begin to believe that without XL units their deck is "weak" and spend far too much time searching and buying units that are not needed just because they are XL units. Any XL unit that is not t4 is highly situational and there are always far cheaper alternatives. -When creating a PvE mission ALWAYS set the upgrade distribution type to assign. Random upgrade distribution is always asking to have angry players due to the rewards either being given to undeserving players, or ones who have no use for the upgrade. Note that you cannot set distribution type for battlegrounds and 1 player missions. _______________________________________________________________________________ ''Disclaimer:'' Nearly everything in this guide is based on opinion and it is nearly guaranteed that there will be exceptions to my rules and advice. That being said, this is the most comprehensive and accurate guide that was possible at the time and has been based on my most successful techniques over the course of more than 3 years of play. If you find any obvious discrepancies or have requests for additional information don’t hesitate to either send me in-game mail or to email me at caelb1@live.com. I will be looking to constantly add and improve the contents of the guide. Thanks again for reading! Link to pdf http://www.mediafire.com/view/kphi28d2u440dki/ndclub_guide_.pdf
  14. WW- windweavers AoC- aura corruption motk- mark of the keeper
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