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  1. 10 minutes ago, Augustiner said:

    Ich kann mich einloggen, aber mein Charakter ist weg. Alles, was sich öffnet, ist das Fenster für Neues. Ich wähle etwas, dann erinnert mich das Spiel daran , dass ich dann gebannt werden könnte, wenn ich einen neuen Charakter erstelle. 

    Bitte hilf mir :(

    Hi the game was reset on 18th of December 2020. Also please provide an English translation if you write in another language.


    Hallo das Spiel wurde 18th December neugestartet. Bitte auch englische Übersetzung hinzufügen zum (deutschen) Text

  2. On 1/19/2021 at 10:22 PM, Aviat0r said:

    Check this topic. To be precise, check point 7 for this error.



    1 minute ago, Krauli73 said:

    Ich habe das selbe Problem


    Please also write an English translation with your post

  3. 19 hours ago, mirc02345 said:

    is it allowed to make a new account if i dont use my old one, or is there a way to delet the old one?




    can i delete my account somewhere?


    What is the reason why you want to delete your account?

  4. 3 minutes ago, MrMole said:

    Moin! Vielleicht solltest du deine Erwartungen etwas runterschrauben. Das Ganze ist erstens F2P und zweitens ein Fanprojekt. Dafür funktioniert das überraschend gut. 

    I can provide a translation though, as I experience some freezes as well. Mostly, it's just lags, but maybe once every two sessions, the game freezes and then crashes. Is there anything one can do for now? :)


    You wrote in German and English but did not provide a translation for the German that you wrote lol

  5. For those who still don't know, we have implemented a collection and unlimited mode in sparring PvP. If you want the experience of fighting against like minded people who build and upgrade your own decks you can do that via the collection mode.

    For ranked pvp, it's the rts aspect should be dominant, not a trading card game aspect, therefore free PvP cards provide a very good base for an equal footing between players, old and new. I partially agree that a period of PvP where alot are playing weird decks might have been fun in the beginning (first month or so) but definitely not longer than that.

    And now that we have reached the first month of release, free PvP decks serve to close the gap between old and new players and make the game about skill as it should be not deck level and grind time. 


    [As a side note, please remember to keep it friendly and not to escalate in flaming and calling people out territory ;) ]

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