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Hey Im Ultrakool, some of you may recognize me from the old Trade Threads in the old BF forum. I played since 2009 as well after a friend referred me just after the beta. I remember hearing horror stories about balance issues in beta. Didn't have none of that :P Towards the end of the game I started playing again and started selling/buying cards for gold threads to help the new players and shorten the ever widening gap between veterans and new players.

Followed this project since the beginning after MrXSenpai posted about it in a skype chat of skylords that was made when BF shut down. Was really active in this forum and got invited to be an alpha tester. Now we are in the beta phase and we finally achieved our dream, the map works!

This is a really awesome project and I look forward to playing(and trading) with you all again very soon ;) 

Full Stream YouTube Exports, some with, some without external audio (aka mine and others' sexy voices)


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