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  1. It would be grade to see how often I or somebody else have palyed a map. Or to see a compare : )
  2. Imagine a Rootnetwork with a Tunnel to connect root networks like a repeater 😄 Name: Part of the Forest Tier & Orbs: T1, Nature Type: Spell Power: 10 plant: /(Part of the Crew part of the Ship/Part of the Team part of the Forest): Casts a charm upon the target friendly Unit or Building that gain the Ability to root. Does not work on Flying Units.
  3. You could just change the effect of the cards, Forest's Vim seems not worth a Deck slot anyway 😄 The Idea for purple is, that the root network is able to transport Units from the Monument through the Network to the front. That would make a Root network deck usable for PVE9 or PVE10. The Idea behindthe Green afinity is, that you can make a root network imortal for a short amount of time, like the last Push in GOL or in DR. Name: Force of Nature Tier & Orbs: T3, Nature Type: Spell Power: 90 Relocation: All Units and Buildings in the root net
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