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  1. It is buildings only achievement. And making it truly buildings only makes it harder. (while actually quite fun figuring out movement on the map) As it is now it looks more like a bug available only to a select few elements rather than "you need to figure it out" cos i don't think its that hard to figure it out, it's just a waste of time for people that get into it for the first play. I am glad someone else agrees.
  2. Amen to that. Do you realize how long it took me to establish those front lines using only ice barriers 😅
  3. I am guessing the only way is to cheese it and use "wololo" type of spell on enemy unit to get them under control. If that's the case then honestly its pretty stupid and shouldn't be an achievement at all. Like why waste hours confusing players that don't have "lets cheese it" type of mindset or want to play pure decks that quite frankly do not contain spells of that type (in the entire element for that matter), especially if they are encouraged by a lot of other quests to play these exact maps with pure decks. Like god it's a quest that screams "finally something for frost" "finally a pl
  4. Tested again, same issue. The moment i spawned a unit Rogan Activated, but that meant that i can no longer get the achievement.
  5. DESCRIPTION: When I was doing the quest in "defending hope" map on expert with buildings only, I found out it's not actually possible to get rogan to move without units, thus not being able to finish the quest if you (like me) didn't bring a unit. I've attached screenshots of the game. Notes: I've tried clearing the entire map of enemies - didnt work I've tried walling off enemy cave spawners - didnt work I've tried making him a literal path of towers with not a single space inbetween them, didnt work. Please could you check this out and fix it?
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