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  1. Mistake in the description of "Revenge". "All friendly entities in 25m radius take only 80% damage" now is translated as if they take only 20% damage and transfere 80%. Correct translation: "Все дружественные существа в радиусе 25м получают только 80% урона"
  2. 2 cards with identical names: "Бандиты-копейщики". I suggest: "Bandit spearmen" - "Бандиты-пикинеры" или "Бандиты-копьеносцы", "Bandit lancer" - "Бандит-копейщик" 2 cards with identical names: "Бандиты". I suggest: "Banditos" - "Бандиты", "Thugs" - "Разбойники".
  3. Oh, ok, will wait then. Thank you! PS. I liked the tournament. Was watching the finals. And it was not hard for a beginner to jump in and participate. 👍
  4. Hello. The tournament is over, is it? Why is the table not finished then? And who should I contact to get a reward for participation? Sorry, I'm new here)
  5. Twilight Creeper (shadow affinity)/Тварь сумрака (сродство тьме) Tainted Spit: Infected targets take 30% more damage for 10 seconds. Описание на карте в игре: Ползущие брызги: Пораженная паразитами цель наносит на 30% меньше урона в течение 10 сек. Должно быть: Пораженная паразитами цель получает на 30% меньше урона в течение 10 сек.
  6. @Majora, I still can't log in. I've created another account (using gmail) and the problem stays. Though the client updates and I can log in on the forum. But there is no connection with the server. Can you advise me what I should try or chek?
  7. It's the first time - I've just installed and updated the game. I've created an account on the forum and don't have problems here, but the client loses connection with the server when I'm trying to log in. Well, also I used to play Battle Forge without any problems long time ago)
  8. Hello. The client has updated but I can't log in: error 0, no connection with server. Found similar topic but didn't find how to resolve the problem.
  9. The same problem. Please, tell me how it was fixed and what I can try to do with this.
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