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  1. Hey there, since approximately 1-2 months, from time to time I have a permanent freeze. Ppl in my group telle me that i gave up that game (which I did not). If I hit "leave match", nothing happens. Chat still works fine and I can communicate. Still this just lowers the gaming experience by a lot. On bad days this happens 2-3 times of 5-6 games. I added a screenshot that i took while freeze happened and in the chat you clearly can see that the chat still worked...
  2. Hey folks, Henpara from Germany here. I played BattleForge under the same name at the 2009-2013 era, but only casually. Recently while searching old backup files I stumbled over my old "battleforge.ods" where I stored my bought and sold cards. I thought well lets see if anyone has done something with this game so that it is playable again and here I am now, happily trying out the game again. Now, with familiy, I will also play the game very casually and I already found some help in the forum section for beginners "cheap starter deck" where I managed to beat rPVE Level 5 for the
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