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  1. Gahen liked a post in a topic by InsaneHawk in Rather impolite   
    Cleaning this topic a bit, went out of lines.

    Just to make things clear, this wasn't meant directly toward to you, you took it this way, fine, but it wasn't a harsh answer.. You're overreacting a bit.
    Things went out of lines during this topic, and I'll see privately about it.

    Anyway, please next time you're posting an issue, make sure it hasn't been posted first, that will save both moderation and development team a lot of time, and we don't have much of this, since we're working on our free time.

    We're not a company, we're just people like you, if people are annoying us all day long, I understand it can be hard for some people to keep their calm, but please, refrain for talking this way or exacerbate the debate.

    Thanks for understanding.

  2. Fimion liked a post in a topic by Gahen in Rather impolite   
    I don't really want to start an argument about this, but I find it rather impolite to label and accusation against me then lock the thread so I can't answer. So I made a new thread in which I can answer (this starting a new thread part will be a recurring theme of this post).
    To be short, I did search for similar bugs before reporting, and commented in an already existing thread which was recent, and contained the exact same bug, not a similar one. I provided additional information on its reproduction and possible guesses on the nature of the issue. Of course there were threads showing the exact error message image, but in the last few days before my post, I could not find a thread with the same method of triggering the crash in question.
    This is just for the accusation...
    Now back to the original issue. If my post/thread is deleted without indication, then it's natural, that I will write about it in the Technical Issues section.  How could I know why it disappeared? Removed? Database error? Networking issues? If there is no indication, I will open up a new thread where I inquire about the disappearance.
    And if that thread is locked with a passive-aggressive accusation, then again, I will open yet another thread where I can give my answer. All I missed was an automated message that my post was edited/moved/removed by administration, so I can figure what happened without spamming the forums, but well...
  3. wertyy liked a post in a topic by Gahen in Starter Deck   
    I just miss the Tremor from the starting deck (and maybe Defenders), somehow it feels like the current deck lacks tanks at T3, or at least the types I preferred using for PvE.
    Also somehow to me it feels like including a fire orb in the first two is just too great of a sacrifice for PvE, even though Fire Stalkers are a must have as early as possible.
  4. Gahen liked a post in a topic by Eviatar10 in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    Hello There , my name is Eviatar , former player of battleforge by EA , was one of my favorite games EVER.
    Now I would like to ask you a question friend , 
    this Method of you guys , is that look normal to you pal ? 
    Have you ever seen a game , promised to release a month after a month and constently and repeatedly fails its fans down?
    I can tell you i have never encountered anything like that anywhere else , I rarly knew few games that delayed their release dates ONCE , not more .
    Dont get me wrong pal , its not the programming part that i judge you guys about , no no , I had experience with programming before , I know how difficult and hard it can be , in that part you have my tottal understanding , 
    so please dont take me for a fool .
    the part i judge you guys about is the dates , as i sayd ive never seen anything like this , this is just a torture for some people , delaying again and again and again each time posting another heartbreaking post about the problems of the servers and how much you guys want to make this succeed , i think the people know you want to make it succeed , so do they .
    Please , stop making false dates , i think it pisses so many people off (me included) , its really not providing anything.
    In my opinion a true date , even a one people may not like , would be batter , even if you talled me now : "something exploded in the game , alot of unexpected problems , the game will release in 3 years" , 
    I would still appreciate it more then each month having people waiting in patience and failing them each time.
    I want to remind you man that i still appreciate your work guys and i believe you do your best ,as i always did , i just wanted to express my opinion here.
    Thank you for your time , have a good day.
    this is a latter i wrote to MrXLink , he read it and did not responded.
  5. Gahen liked a post in a topic by Archeon in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    Are you serious? I mean, I would've laughed at this statement 10 years ago, but now? Really? The age of "early access" aka we promise we'll finish the game you paid us for someday, honest. Hell yes this happens all the time to far more professional studios.
    Now, this part I don't disagree with you on, but apparently nor do the devs, hence them stating after the last delay that they will not give estimated release dates any more. I'm sure it upsets them at least as much as it does us for them to feel like they are telling thousands of people "we let you down". The dates are obviously never intended to be "false", bad things happen unexpectedly. I should've gotten to work at 8:30am this morning but somebody crashed their car so I didn't.
    Well, the game will be out in 3 years for sure, 3 months probably - take a breath, come back later, or enjoy just being part of the community in the run up.
    Nor would I, would you? What does one respond to that? They've already taken on board your suggestion, surely that's better than a response?
  6. YERO RUDO liked a post in a topic by Gahen in Open Beta Information   
    I fear we will crash the server withing 5 minutes with the mass login attempts.
  7. YERO RUDO liked a post in a topic by Gahen in Open Beta Information   
    I fear we will crash the server withing 5 minutes with the mass login attempts.

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