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  1. thank you for the respond and i understand what you are saying , after all , English is not my main laguege so i may have sent some wrong masseges or expressed a wrong idea .
  2. to all of those who responded to my post : first of all , i want to be clear , i never ment to judge the guys of the project and it sure wasnt my point to offense anyone , for all of you who paid attention to only the things u didnt liked in my post , I said it explicitly "Dont get me wrong pal , its not the programming part that i judge you guys about , no no" , i also said at the end "I want to remind you man that i still appreciate your work guys and i believe you do your best" , so for those of you who thought im just a child and im spreading hate here , think again please. now
  3. THE DELAYING METHOD : Hello There , my name is Eviatar , former player of battleforge by EA , was one of my favorite games EVER.Now I would like to ask you a question friend , this Method of you guys , is that look normal to you pal ? Have you ever seen a game , promised to release a month after a month and constently and repeatedly fails its fans down?I can tell you i have never encountered anything like that anywhere else , I rarly knew few games that delayed their release dates ONCE , not more .Dont get me wrong pal , its not the programming part that i judge you guys about , no no , I
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