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  1. 2157 - you ever wonder why we're here?
  2. ...not sure if unhappy. Am however, surprised that there's a Dutch webpage devoted to me! ...or at least to my pseudonym.
  3. Hey all, I'm new around here, have been lurking and watching the streams Mrxlink and Kiw3h have been making with dedication, or at least the replays of them, darn work! I played BF from the open beta for a year or two continuously and then on and off for a while afterwards, but only realised it was shut down in 2014 when I felt nostalgic and went to play again. Sad times. So I'm very grateful to all the people putting their time and effort into reviving such a unique classic! I'm 34 and from the UK, never really got involved with the original community outside of the game but
  4. One thing I haven't seen mentioned but hopefully is fairly obvious from what I've seen of the community is exactly that, the community. As has been said, new players want to play, and doing that with existing players of the community who are willing to offer tips and knowledge is useful. I remember running Crusade a lot and often with new players, they generally appreciated a bit of advice about power, counters and just strategies for the map. I think a huge part of it is keeping a good positive, friendly community. Seems like it should be a given though, with most people here being here
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