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  1. Swordsworn liked a post in a topic by Kapo in Official PvE Contest#1 Siege of Hope UNTIL 15.06.2021   
    After some first tries with a list what to combine with what it looks like I need either
    a) more skill
    b) better ideas.
    Or both.
  2. Swordsworn liked a post in a topic by Dallarian in Official PvE Contest#1 Siege of Hope UNTIL 15.06.2021   
    If you struggle with some Expert maps, and want 8 boosters from achievement, consider checking "Expert Campaign - Missions Briefing - Among the Old Gods Achievement" on Skylords Reborn forum!
  3. MrXLink liked a post in a topic by Swordsworn in MrXLink, over and out...   
    F  for Respect
  4. Swordsworn liked a post in a topic by MephistoRoss in Known issues   
    Edit by DragonOfime: This thread is for reference purposes, so people know which general issues the staff are aware of. It is NOT for posting your own issues. Please follow the proper procedure if you have a problem to report.
    Edit by Ultrakool: Thread outdated as of 1.1.19
    As you might have noticed we are having some issues with the servers since the start of the open stress test. Here are the most common known issues that the Devs are working on. There is no need to report these issues if you encounter them and it is pointless to ask what you can do about it or when it will be solved. The Devs are already working on it as fast as they can. So please be patient.
    Disconnect upon entering the forge
    This means you timed out when trying to connect. This happens when there are too many login attempts at the same time, so please wait and try again later. The Devs are already working on a solution.

    Account not activated
    Your account is activated if you can login to this forum. No email is sent, so you can ignore this message and just retry to login.

    Freeze/disconnect ingame or at loading screen
    Freezes and disconnects while creating a lobby, loading a game, being in the AH, in the forge, ingame, clicking on a map on the worldmap etc. are normal atm due to the servers being unstable. The Devs are working on it to fix this. No need to report this unless it happens after specific actions that you can reproduce each time.
    No progression or gold/XP rewards after match
    When you finish a PvE match, you wont receive any gold or XP and the next map or difficulty is not unlocked.
    Discord announcement from Fiki (2018-09-18)
    Let's clear some stuff up:
    - We're aware of all possible crashes, disconnects and freezes, you don't need to ping us or notify every now and then
    - The crashes, disconnects and freezes are random and not player or server specific, works for some, doesnt for rest
    - Do not trigger multiple actions (like switching from auction house to world map) fast one after another, give it 10-15 seconds
    - Just because you can't log in or you get disconnected, doesn't mean the servers are offline, they're just "refusing" your connection
    - Lobby or loading screen freezes are not map or player specific as well, they're also random
    - Inability to buy card upgrades is still being looked into
    - Mails, trades and decks should be less problematic, but still could have occasional problem or crash
    - Losing your BFP is unfortunately permanent at this stage, however we're looking at causes of them (you can't get your BFP back though)
    - Losing your cards in failed mailings or trades is permanent at this stage, however we're also looking into this (you can't get your items back)
    - If you notice that you've lost BFP or anything else, immediately relog, it could be returned upon next entering
    - Logging out and logging back in usually solves most of the problems (as well as launcher restarting)
    - When you encounter a bug, make sure you can reproduce it at least 3 out of 5 times before reporting it
    - This is also known, stop posting pictures of this error everywhere! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/467012106533863439/491523028027703308/unknown.png
    For other issues, please check out: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4207-need-help-check-this-thread-first-clientupdater-troubleshooting/
    We thank you for your support and patience.
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