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beginner deck with fire/ice/nature

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has someone made good beginner decks with no shadow cards? Since i like them the least.

i look for a combination of 2 or 3 of these elements that can play rpve9 with about 500 bfp






would be great thx.

i haven't found it here.

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this one may be a little beyond your budget if you take the whole deck, but if you leave out the Clusters for the beginning, you could go with something like this:

If you go for a green T1 and therefore can drop the Mine, you should be able to build the core of this deck in less then 2 days. Cluster purple is inferior to the red affinity, but can also fill a slot in mid term


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Hey, welcome to forums! 🙂


Here is something to cover Nature T1 but could also serve as an alternative: 



Yeah, out of the box that got Shadow in it but I feel core of deck is :natureorb::frostorb::neutralorb::neutralorb: (Lost Horror G is quite nice but if you absolutely don't want Shadow then Swamp Drakes by itself, unit wise, with support of Stone Shell G + Equilibrium G does the job too). Personally, I found Offering to be super helpful when I was starting out and for rPvE 9, I would recommend working in a Furnace of Flesh for the rare occasions where no one else has Shrine of War (replacing Nercoblaster is my 1st choice if it is for rPvE).

I have done :natureorb::frostorb::fireorb::fireorb: variant for "fun" (Shrine of War at T3 and Bloodthirst and Cluster Explosion at T4) so I think that can easily progress towards what Volin said above but you have a lot of choices really.


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5 hours ago, and1d said:

thx for the tipps, back at ea times i remember i played mostly fire nature. that was great.

Then Skylords Reborn has good news for you! Alone in the nature/fire department you have more archetypes of decks than ever you can explore (Abo-Spell, Evil Eye spam, Evil Eye spells, unit based T4 mix and a few more non Twilight decks like the above shown or the good old Thunderwagon/Dragon)

Some of these decks are new in SR and some got stoooong buffs due to changed cards.

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