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my idea for new t4 stonekin unit

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20x6 elemental soldiers
blessed/infused union (steadfast/rage)
group pressure
adamant skin
T4 frost, nature, frost/nature, neutral
2000 atk xl counter
2000 health s size
100 power
uses strikers model 

Basically a different option for stonekin t4 and i thought it would be neat to have another t4 s unit,

mainly inspired by the lost minions from the spooky encounters event and also strikers after they got gang up

base stats per power is at 40 which is lower than high efficiency t4 units but still about 10% better than grinder

base stats per pop cap is about 5% better than grinder

these would facilitate more of a capacity tank option for stonekin vs grinder's regen tank style

I lowered the health from 2.5k to 2k due to adamant skin likely stacking twice through union

per 10 pop cap (2.5 squads) boulderdashers have about 6713 ehp not considering splash, whereas grinder has 5294 or 8823 after one max regen tick

per 10 pop cap they have the same dp20s

power per 10 pop cap is 250 for boulderdashers and 260 for grinder

grinder is going to be the better option per pop cap but boulderdashers are more power efficient, scale more smoothly, and have more potential when spammed

i left them with one neutral orb and one half orb because s melee has limitations when piling onto few targets and also cannot attack flying unlike xl or ranged

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On 1/15/2023 at 2:39 AM, Hrdina_Imperia said:

Add charge to them and I'm sold ;^)

yeah i wanted charge on both but group pressure wasted a slot, id say red could always have charge instead of rage but idk how effective itd be at t4 bc they would get knocked easy by L and XL

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This Post would fit better under the "cards" section I think.

So your idea is to basically copy Stikers but make them stronger and stonekin T4? I´d prefer some uniqueness here. Maybe make a Squad of 4x medium Strikers (recolored to stonekin). And they would always need steadfast to compete in T4 yes. 

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