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auto-select "Yes"-button for confirmation boxes and/or pop-ups

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Maybe some or all confirmation boxes could have their "Yes" option auto-selected to confirm with "Enter":

  • buying boosters
  • deleting decks
  • rerolling quests
  • cancelling auction
  • etc. (?)

Generally all pop-ups / request-windows could be adjusted.

  • party invitation
  • trade request
  • etc.

Other non-confirmation boxes which could use this feature:

  • `Register` > Marketplace - Store claim scratch ID
  • `Done` > Marketplace - Store closing booster content
  • `Flip all cards` > Open Booster flipping cards on booster opening
  • `Create Auction` > Marketplace - My Auctions creating an auction
  • `Reforge` > Card Reforging



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