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Bugs/Oversight in Siege of Hope and King of Giants

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In the campaign map Siege of Hope, the city of Hope lies in the upper-right corner of the map and serves no purpose other than for that little cinematic box that shows at the beginning and end of the campaign. I put a fully charged Altar of Chaos bomb in the middle of Hope (because I don't know, screw those guys) and completely annihilated the city, which will actually result in an automatic defeat. I think this is an oversight, because there is nowhere in the mission objectives that says "people of Hope must survive".

On a more grief-able topic, the campaign map King of the Giants, you can use Amok + a melee unit (range units won't do damage), to kill Jorne, which results in a soft-lock of the map. This can easily be accomplished with a bloodhorn (because it follows amok orb requirements, has XL damage bonus, and is swift), + unholy hero. Might want to consider fixing that.

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