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Discord Moderator

As a Discord Moderator, you are the direct representative of our team on Discord. Many things tie together in showing your professional side, ranging from how well you communicate with our players in public to consistency in your moderation actions. You need to be approachable for questions while maintaining a form of integrity. Furthermore, you are required to keep the discord clean of any spam, NSFW content and other rule-breaking practices.

 Identifying issues in the Discord server and handle them accordingly.
 Understanding the opinions and interests of the community within the server.
 Being able to log any and all actions taken.
 Stay up-to-date with new updates to answer any questions that arise from the community.

Desired traits
 Being able to keep a cool head while handling tough situations.
• Able to balance professionalism with approachability

Bonus traits
 Previous experience moderating a Discord server or other kind of community.

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