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Aside my hopes that I've gotten your attention, this thread will be quite simple. My idea is (the same one I posted on recent survey that has been going around) about making static and passive adjustments to how some cards work in PvP, aside how they regularly work in PvE.


Idea is to make a special MOD/RULE SET for PvP that would adjust/tweak card performances.

This change COULD make balancing a lot easier if we implemented a sort of MOD that gives buffs/debuffs to general card behavior (hence making balancing available ONLY for PvE, and PvP would only have to worry about statistical adjustments).
These could be added as little footnote (similar in matter how League of Legends or some other games have it adjusted for gamemodes aside the primary, which in Skylords IS PvE) so they don't have to nerf / buff their creatures over all game modes.

For example, disable/snare/stun cards could all have their effectiveness reduced by 25% (which would make root spells a lot less spammable), eruption or some damage spells Single Target damage reduction (while keeping MAX total damage dealt same so if there is a lot of bunched up units they get punished) etc.

Idea is to make GLOBAL buffs/nerfs to spells and their effectiveness in PVP (which players could read), so the PvP feels a bit more choice/unit oriented, rather than spam oriented into late game attrition warfare...


If something like this gets implemented, PvP could end up shifted into more healthy environment with possibility of more variety cards/deck constructions, while PvE could keep its core as primary game for experimenting some massive card combinations (since majority of Cards, esp t4 cards, will never see PvP due to their behavior or nature)

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  • Are you aware that this would mean we will need to maintain twice as much cards? (currently what players think of 1 card with 3 upgrades are 4 cards that do not need to have anything in common 😞 I mean literally U0 can be red building, U1 shadow spell, U2 nature squad of 6, and U3 frost squad of 2 battleships requiring only 1 frost orb. That was an crazy example, but only things keeping upgrades same is effort of balance developers doing the changes. So having PvE and PvP version of the card would mean much more effort for them)
  • How would players test these cards outside of PvP? (Forge is PvE 1p, and there is no single player PvP map where players would be able to just test things. So players would lose the ability to test the interactions between these PvP cards.)
  • Have you checked card descriptions in all languages? (Specifically RU have descriptions bigger than EN by about 25% on average, and can be much more in extreme cases. Some descriptions do not really fit well now, so how would you solve it for cards where is no space for longer description?)
  • After reading these points do you think it would make playing PvP harder for players by needing to know things they can not test, and have short vague description at best?
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