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Battleship tweak: Add a weak self regenerating ice shield

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Battle ships honestly, after much playtime, are essentially slower very VEERRY beefy lost ships with no

knockback. It sounds better than it is, unless impure frost, this is impractical and even there ironclads

usually are more fun.


Essentially, to keep their flavor but make them a better card that plays about the same, why not give battleships a crappy

5-50 strength regenerating ice shield that's easy for enemies to pop. They will play the same, but in combat, will perform like old battleships

and make B ships more fun to use.

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Posted (edited)

Battleships are my favourite rPVE deck at the moment. With their standard attack i find them to be realtively broing, too - but i just love the ability! The long range means you can destroy anything on the ground before it gets to damge you. It's really fun with unholy power. I don't really think they need a buff, especially when you play with winter witch, ice age or coat of protection they are already indestructible (unless magma fiend boss in fire rPVE 😞).

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