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Frost bite (red) bugs

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Summary: There are multiple bugs with this card's effect that mainly affect the outgoing damage of the target.

Description: The card says that the unit "fight's at a slower pace". (In this case it coded as 50% slower)

However there are a few things with that part, that is definitely not intentional:

1. The slower fighting pace is only true for melee units. Ranged units still attack at the same pace as before.

2. The card has a hidden 25% damage nerf in its effect. This applies to melee and ranged units. So it kinda makes up for the missing effect on ranged units.

3. And now the funny part: Generally the damage, melee units deal, is automatically calculated based on the length of the attack animation. So a slower attack animation leads to higher damage. This is something that applies to all melee units in the game and exists to reach the same damage over 20 seconds no matter which attack pattern a unit uses. But this is also true for the slow down effect of Frost Bite. So frost bite slows down the attacks of the target by 50% but then the mentioned mechanic kicks in and buffs the damage of those attacks by 50% again to reach the same original damage over 20 seconds. However because of the hidden 25% damage reduction, it's not as noticable and still has an overal Damage nerf on the target.

You can see this last part very well in the video here. Normally a Batariel attack against air units deal 697 damage as you can see in the first example. This is always the case as Batariel only has one attack animation against air units. However once frost bite red is applied, the damage turns to 784 damage. The attack animation got reduced by 50%, which increases the damage by 50% and then the damage get reduces again by 25% (697 x 1.5 x 0.75 = 784).

And another very interesting point if you look closely is that the damage aura of Batariel triggers in the second example. This ability is supposed to have a 1000 damage threshold. The reason why it triggers is because the internal damage of the attack got increased from 697 to 1045 damage because of the slow down. This modification affects the threshold. However the 25% damage reduction doesn't because the threshold is uneffected by "normal" buffs and debuffs.

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