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The T3 shadow core of Frenetic, Infect, Soulshatter is always good. SoW even instantly refunds the energy expenditure.

For T1 Soul Splicer G could be a consideration.

Tortugun will have to be fed, otherwise it will just run wild and eat your own units. Is the plan to feed it with Commandos spawned by Corsair? Generally, I feel like Tortugun is such an unique unit that you almost have to build your entire deck around it to function. Which offers a great playstyle but doesn't really give you room to do anything else other than manage your Tortuguns.

T2 is so powerful with Harvester, that you could even remove your T3 units entirely and get by. Harvester + T3 spells will go a long way.

Not a fan of Lava Field because you only get that by T3, at which point you'll probably want to spend your energy on the much stronger shadow spells.

Bloodhorn P could replace Bloodhorn R, since you use Disenchant G anyway. Bloodhorn P has very high boss damage but Bloodhorn R is much more reliable. Either is fine, really.

An alternative to Shrine of War can be Furnace of Flesh + Cultist Master. Depends on how you feel like it plays out. In rPvE, you'll never want for energy while SoW is running. FoF+CM is completely autonomous though, it can be used whenever. You can play around with what you prefer.

Necroblaster seems a bit odd, definitely not too necessary for rPvE. And on cPvE T3 looks a bit late to get fortification going. Can leave it in if you find yourself using it frequently.

What you are definitely missing is sustain. You can't heal your army at any point in the game, except for the puny heal of Nether Warp G. And I guess Necroblaster? But that has limited range. Consider Blood Healing or Bloodthirst. Both combo very well with Unity B. Blood Healing works great with Undead Army.

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