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Rogan Kayle and Forest Elder auras not stacking.


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NAME: Damage bonus for Rogan Kayle and Forest Elder (green) aura don't apply together.

DESCRIPTION: If an Unit is within Radius of Rogan Kayle and Forest Elder (green) auras at the same time, there is graphical indication of both buffs being applied to the affected unit, but the actual damage dealt is only ever increased by 25%.

Neither of these Auras seems to stack with Home Soil or Motivate either, as this was tested separately at a later date. Only the highest value buff seems to apply (explicitly tested with home soil that it is NOT the last buff applied, but indeed highest value buff). Motivate and Home Soil don't stack with each other either.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Tested in Forge against units, buildings and walls (using a Spitfire and Nox Trooper), not tested in an actual match.



If the buffs are supposed to stack (which I would expect, barring explicit information to the contrary) apply a damage increase, either additively (50%) or multiplicatively (56.25%) whichever is adequate for how game handles damage multipliers.

Otherwise, if the buffs are NOT supposed to stack, only allow one buff indicator to show on a Unit and modify the aura descriptions that they do NOT stack with similar effects.

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