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Do you mean a higher focus on unit combat and less spell support options? 

Personally, I don't think so. Part of the charm of BattleForge that makes it stand out from traditional RTS is the current system. Its the reason why Fog of War is not in the game, being able to instantly spawn reinforcements and support with spells makes it differ a lot from the traditional ''build a bigger/better army and attack key points in the map''. The game is also heavily balanced around (Crowd Control) spells. The spell-system is just too ingrained to adjust it without breaking the current game.

The void-power system also results in players having to be careful throwing their spells around. If your eruption only killed 50 power of units, you are set back. If you oink or freeze constantly without actually getting rid of the units, you are falling more and more behind. 

What is the specific reason you dont like spells? 

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19 hours ago, Doomsword87 said:

hmm, they just last so long, i'll throw out a heavy amount of units, and end up losing monument access by the Time i even actually get prepared to do some major damage

What units and what spells are being used? We are talking about PvP here right?

I feel this is a problem especially newer or less experienced PvP players face. When I played the game during EA times, I thought spells were obviously overpowered. The void system balances everything out however, and spells are already mostly being used as a support for your army (the fact you cant throw most spells without units nearby also leans into this).

One of the spells that will receive a cooldown increase is Voidstorm. As a global damage spell we found it was too easy to constantly use it as a reset button. Also keep in mind that constant oink/roots/freeze will keep effecting units less and less, because everytime a unit is hit by a crowd control spell, it reduces the duration of the next one. Are we talking about those kind of spells, or do you also mean stuff like Lava Field and Nether Warp? 

If you want, you can upload a replay for the community to look at of a match where you feel spells were problematic. 

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i have come to A Conclusion, That i'd love charges reduced to 1 (upgrading 2-4 respectively):, which will allow a small cooldown period NERF, making spells much more valuable, strictly in PvP


making Time Duration smaller, would make This Game just another brawler clone, but spells like Freeze, and Root, are used too broadly, but i'm not sure, It would be a Great Addition to The Game

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