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Card Balance Change Ideas


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Hi there, 

the game has so many cool cards, but some get very little attention because they are outclassed by others or just not fun to play in their current state. So I'd love to see some balance changes to these cards. 

I also included some changes to much played cards that I would like to see changed a little. 

Here is a list of some of my Ideas:

Note: I left some blank because I think these cards need a change too, but I didn't come up with a idea yet


- Oracle Mask: (compared to Northern keep, this cards is terrible) buff dmg, make ability duration longer and reuse time shorter, and make it that invis units can still be trampled (to create a great combo with phalanx or winter tide) 

- Lost Wanderer: let him shield the lowest hp unit (like shaman) around, and not randomly use his ability 

- Warlock: buff dmg

- Frost Sorceress: buff dmg

- Shrine of War: reduce power regain percentage, change cost to 2 fireorbs

- Abyssal warder: Buff HP of the XL, but reduce l/m hp (since having a XL unit is way better, but if it dies it's still nice to have the little ones) 

- Ravenheart: give active ability "on the hunt" that greatly increases his speed for ~15 sec (cost 30 Power)

- Fire Worm: buff ability dmg a lot (vs buildings too) 

- Thunder wagon: make ability free (or at least cost less) 

- Treefiend: buff ability dmg

- Skycatcher: buff hp a little (because compared to Giant Wyrm he seems a little underwhelming) 

- Lost Dragon: buff dmg a little and change orb requirements to 1 neutral (bec. compared to the other t4 dragons it's a bit unfair this one is the only full faction) 

- Lost Horror: change orb requirements to 2 Sh 1 Fr

- Gladiatrix: make equivalent to Stormsinger = reduce gladiatrix ability cost to ~35 Power

- Comet catcher: buff dmg, because compared to worldbreaker its too slow, and should thus have a benefit (maybe the impact speed could be reduced aswell) 

- Frost shard: Buff spell dmg 

- Queekqueek: buff dmg or reduce cost

- Lost priest: buff dmg a little

- Snapjaws: reduce power cost or buff dmg

- Area ice shield: change it so that if  more units are hit, give all of them a shield but keep the original combined total shield power (which is 1800  I think) 

- North Star: reduce building speed

- Groove spirit: Change orb requirements to 2 Nature 2 blank 

- Nekroblaster: Change orb requirememt to 2 Shadow, reduce dmg a little

- Promise of Life: reduce Power cost, to be an alternative for all the heal spells


Rarity change ideas:

- Lost Horror and Giant Wyrm should be Uncommon at least 

- Lost Dragon could even be ultra rare 

- Icefang Raptor & Mountain Rowdy should not be rare, and rowdy could use a small dmg buff on its ability 

- Unity has a quite unique (and since the rework also very strong) ability, why is this card not Ultra-rare aswell?


Furthermore, why are these cards Ultra Rare or Rare? (Still need change ideas, but changing the rarity would be a first step) 

- Twilight warfare

- Twilight pestilence

- Earthen gift

- Altar of nihil

- Amok

- Forest's Wim 

- Backlash 

- Lost Evocation 

- Revenants Blessing  


Also still need ideas for these:

- Architects call

- Eliminator

- fleshbender

- Infernal Chain

- Wayststion 

- Willzapper


Another idea:

Primeval watcher: Make amii, change active ability to: switch attack to area paralysis and switch back (like amii phantom) 


(note that I didn't check the discord yet and have not been very active in the forum so some ideas might already have been proposed somewhere else, as this cards really need a change) 


Please tell me what u think of this ideas :)

and feel free to comment your ideas below


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You might be aware of this already, but in the discord they are discussing muiltiple balance changes :) Not close to your list, but good to see things are being changed. You can also join the discussion and share your ideas there. 

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14 minutes ago, Majora - MidnaMistfire said:

You might be aware of this already, but in the discord they are discussing muiltiple balance changes :) Not close to your list, but good to see things are being changed. You can also join the discussion and share your ideas there. 

Yes thx, will check it out! 

Just wanted to write down my ideas here, but looking at it now it seems to be too much for one post, meaning most ppl will overlook it probably xd

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