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Ironclad (red)'s damage against frozen aura continues after it finished the abbility, but only part of it

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NAME: Ironclad (red)'s damage against frozen aura continues after it finished the abbility, but only part of it

DESCRIPTION: This is a special one. Ironclad (red)'s aura when using its ability has two parts: Ignore the 50% frozen reduction and increase the damage against frozen targets by 50%. So when attacking a frozen target other units deal 150% of their base damage during Ironcald's cast. After the cast the buff persists on friendly units for 10 more seconds, but only the second part. The frozen reduction ignore is lost directly after the cast. So during those 10 seconds friendly units deal 75% damage against frozen targets. Either let both parts of the aura persist 10 seconds after cast or neither.

REPRODUCIBILITY: can be tested with every friendly unit against a frozen target.

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It is not, there are two parts to the buff, although only one is shown as an actual buff on the affected unit. Both are reapplied for the whole continuation of the spell, but after it ended only one part of it sticks for 10 seconds the other does not. Discovered that in the tool and tested it in the forge. Test for yourself if you want ;) 

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I think you are mistaken as no where in game or on the wiki does it state that it "Ignore the 50% frozen reduction" and the rest is working as intended.

I do think the bug here is that it doesn't state that the buff persists on units after they leave the aura for 10 seconds.



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