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Uhh... Was there a restart or was I banned? Something happened :(

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I logged on after a while of being away from the game and lo and behold my account is like super low level and I have none of the cards I spent months trying to collect. I only have the starter packs and what not. Is there a way to know if you are banned or something because my little brother used to play with me when he lived near me and shared BFPs because he didn't really care much for the game? If there is a thing for that then I am sorry but I was just playing with him and we used to trade each other things. I would give him cards he wanted for bfp's and he was cool with it... Not to mention he just wanted the gold over everything else lol. If it's not a ban then did some kind of major restart or update happen that put everyone back to 0? If so, is there a way to get it all back?? I really don't want to start back to square one all because of whatever reason there is.

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Last year 18th of December Skylords was released and everyone's progression was reset. This means everyone had to start with a fresh account. This is something developers have always said we would do at release.

24 minutes ago, Kangerus said:

Такая же проблема. Та же проблема

В прошлом году 18 декабря Skylords вышла в релиз и прогресс всех игроков был обнулён. Это означает, что каждый должен начать с чистого листа. Разработчики постоянно сообщали об этом задолго до релиза. 
И на этом форуме принято использовать только английский язык.

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