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Northland drake (b) no damage to twilight spawner.

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Was just playing an Rpve 9 and was trying out my new frost deck. However upon hitting tier 3 i told my team mate to defend and summoned my northland drake (b) and proceeded to the tier 4 base. Yet when i targeted the spawner my dragon was attacking but no damage was being done. This ensued for four or five attack animations before i had to retreat due to the enemies hurting my dragon. After this i re-engaged and my dragon was dealing damage for a shot or 2 before dying. Unsure if this was just my misfortune or if others are facing this issue. I will try to rewatch the recording tomorrow and upload ss.

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I shall, I'm not near the PC at the moment I'll strive to have it done asap. Being 1am here it will be sometime during the day.



Edit** I have no life and I love this game so I dredged up the recording. Unsure of the time stamp but shortly after acquiring tier 3


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Yes....... The breath attack for Northland drakes hits the first enemy in it's path in a straight line like Fire Dragons and Bandit gunners.

Aimed at the target, the enemy in front absorbs the projectile dmg just like when u fight treefiends and they only hit your front lines etc.


It does not work like Skyfires or Swamp drakes where it directly smacks just the target.



Apparently this topic has already shown up before and I answered it.

I thought it was familiar.



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I thought this looked familiar. . .
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