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Hotkeys / Map Movement

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Hello there,

I want to start soon with some pvp games (waiting two days until I can change the decks :D)

I wonder if it is recommended to change the hotkeys for the cards away from the function-keys (F1-F10), because it seems really wired to use them and in pve so far I never used them.

Next came to my mind to use numbers, but i think the unit shortcuts are quite useful for pvp.

That means I need 20 keys on the ragular letter keys for hotkeys.


Do you use wasd for moving around the map? Atm I use the classic methode with the courser, but if I change scrolling settings in the options nothing change in speed. As well wasd or the right klick would be a smother option to get used to? What do you guys think?


If I would go with wasd, the hotkeys on the letter keys seems a bit wired. Therefore I guess the right-klick mouse would be the best option if I want to use hotkeys?


What are your hotkey setups and how you structure them (tiers or unit/troop/building or colour). Perhaps useful to only use hotkeys for the units and place spells and buidings with the mouse?


Thanks for the feedback :)

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Hotkeys should rather be for the spells, you want quick use of your spells be it heal, buff, damage, repair buildings, as that can be very split second. I just got started with hotkeys, someone did indeed advise me to use 1-4 changed with f1-f4, you don't need all 20 cards binded to hotkeys, rather just the spells and T1 units. I use my mouse buttons for spells though, w for first ability, s for stop, v to kill my own units, space for latest alert. Tho if you need to use more keyboard keys I think a moba based setup with qwerdf could help too

It could Depends alot on which decks you play too

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