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Mail from AH lags the game

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NAME: Mail from AH lags the game

DESCRIPTION: Receiving mail from the AH hangs the game, this effect seems to be multiplied when multiple mails are being received at once. In this example, I had ~30 AH offers expire at the same time, I was ingame at the time and it caused my game to hang/freeze for about 2 minutes. You can usually observe this effect whenever you get a mail from the AH, but it is more noticeable when multiple items expire.

REPRODUCIBILITY:  Setup multiple AH offers (not sure what the threshold is), go into game when there's ~3mins left on AH items, wait til they expire, observe the freeze.


LOG:  see attached (i've cropped out the relevant sections, so it is just start of game->end of game). Lag stats at line 395.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  I play from outside of Europe, so my ping is probably close to 200+, so maybe this bug is extra potent to high-ping players, like myself

mail gamelog.txt

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