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Make player scores in PvP more visible

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Player scores are an important piece of information for top level players especially in the early game. (Is my opponent playing at his power limit? Does he have energy for nasty / eruption? etc.)

I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that most of the player base is just completely ignoring player scores at the moment. I'm currently trying to get into the habbit of knowing how much energy my enemy currently has in the early game and I find it kind of difficult to read the scores mid fight since I also have to focus on so many other things at the same time.

In my opinion the visibility should be improved not only to make player scores more readable but also to show players that they are actually important and not just random numbers floating around the screen.

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Knowing that they are important just takes a little bit of observation, and the curiosity to find out, I personally find it to be at a good place that doesn't obstruct the screen too much. 

However you're right that in a tense fight it may be hard to read in a timely manner

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