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Abilities + Size bonus dmg

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Many units deal 50% bonus dmg against specific unit sizes with their normal attacks. That's nothing new. But when it comes to their abilities I noticed that it gets really unreliable.

For example Magma Fiend deals bonus dmg against L units with its normal attack and with its ability. But Brannoc who has XL dmg and a similar ability doesn't deal bonus dmg against XL units with his ability, only with his normal attack. So I tested all dmg abilities I could think of if they stack with the units bonus dmg against sizes. The result is that for most abilities the 50% additional dmg works as intendet but there are a bunch of exceptions:

- Fire Worm (Its passive has L dmg but his active hasn't)

- Batariel (His active and his passive both lack the bonus dmg against XL units)

- Soulhunter purple (His dmg aura when being spawned doesn't deal bonus dmg against L units. His mines however do)

- Unstable Demon (You could argue that it's intendet because he dies before he deals dmg with his explosion but Slaver who also deals dmg after he dies, has bonus L dmg on the explosion)

- Lost Dancer (Her "corpse explosion" doesn't deal bonus dmg against S units)

- Mountain Rowdy purple

- Phalanx (Doesn't deal bonus dmg against L units when they being trampled)

- Brannoc

- Twilight Brute

- Mutating Maniac (toxic cloud)

- Nightshade Plant (Similar to Unstable Demon he deals dmg after he dies but again: Why does Slaver work then?)

- Jorne

- Forest Elder purple

- Fire Stalker (his ranged attack doesn't deal bonus dmg against L units which is probably because he gets siege by the stance switch. But it doesn't mention that he loses his L dmg.)

- Infernal Chain (You could argue that it's intendet because it's originally a spell and only becomes an ability later on, but its dmg can get buffed by unholy hero so I think the size dmg of the unit using it should also apply here)


I'm pretty sure I tested every ability. But if you find another ability that doesn't get buffed by the units size bonus, you can post it here and I'll add it to the list.

Would be great if those inconsitencies can get fixed eventually :)


(The reason for this is that the majority of the damage effect mentioned above have the abilityline "DamageOverTime" while a lot of other damaging abilities use "DamageRadialArea" instead. DamageRadialArea has a specific parameter that determines the size damage while DamageOverTime doesn't have anything like that.)

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