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Quick yes no Question about how dmg reduc and Ice shields work.

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Okay, there's a guy I pvped with who runs Imperials with Ice shields and it very obviously stacks when you see it.

The guys were like cockroach hard to kill which is hilarious, but....


My question is why does it work? I remember Radical X commenting and saying it doesn't,

but having tested Stonekin Shell on a group of ice shielded guys, the dmg reduc seems to work?


I'm confused. Does dmg reduc work with Ice shields or not? Minor issue since ice shield so rare and finnicky, but I'm curious.


*edit: Okay, dmg reduc seems to work with ice shields in general after testing.

I mean, the dmg is so high t4 it doesn't matter much but yeah, it stacks.

Don't get it. Was this changed?

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Ice shields + buffs is a rather inconsistent interaction. For some cards like Ward of the North Ice Shield stacking doesn't work, but single target dmg reductions, like lifeweaving or toggle based dmg reductions (defender, imperials etc.) should work as intended. 

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