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Rule updates and permaban policy revision

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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks,

with each day we're moving closer and closer to the long awaited release!
In lights of that, we decided to revise our zero-tolerance policy for multi-accounting and cheating. If you broke the rules against 'Cheating' or 'Multi-Accounting' during the open stress test, you might have had the pleasure to experience our zero-tolerance policy! Every Skylord who broke the aforementioned rules was given a permanent lifetime ban. Meaning they were not allowed to play the game at all anymore.

Moving forward, we have decided to be a little less strict in that regard. From now on we'll not be handing out permanent lifetime bans anymore on first offense. Instead, players who break these rules will receive a progression reset and temporary ban on their first offense, and then a lifetime ban on any futher offenses. A progression reset means that all your Experience, BFP, Gold, Cards, Upgrades, etc. will be reset.

Additionally, we have decided to give a all of the players who tested their luck and managed to get themselves permanently banned during the open stress test a final chance. You will no longer be living in the shadows of the forge - you will be allowed to play again, but beware! This is your last and final chance, so please make sure to follow our rules, otherwise you might find yourself in Batariel's grasp again!

You will be able to ask for a second chance on our discord by contacting the SR Staff Mail! Please make sure to include your forum name and the reason why you were banned. If you think you were rude towards anyone in the moderation team in the past: also feel free to include an apology.

Best regards, Zyna.

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