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Introducing..... ModMail#5460! Our new Bot for contacting mods on Discord + GUIDE

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Howdy Skylords!

We are in the process of implementing a MailMod bot for discord. This is where you can DM a bot (ModMail#5460) to contact staff. You can also find this bot in the online list under :Botsimage.png.34af287c7321b88c2de23209f2b35603.png

YOUR MESSAGE IS PRIVATE AND ONLY READABLE BY STAFF We plan to do this to streamline communication between staff and the community, and this implementation also ensures that the next available staff will be able to deal with your query/question. Gone are the days where you have to copy & paste the exact same question to every moderator, developer and... for good measure 2D artist you see.

This feature is meant to be used for those of you who

1) Want to appeal a forum/ingame ban, but are unable to post in the forums

2) Have general questions regarding moderation that you would like to be clarified. If you have a question specifically to a certain staff, you still can dm them directly!

3) Would like to report something to staff, or provide evidence to supplement ingame reports. You can attach screenshots and pictures to the bot, and the message will be forwarded to all staff. For evidence relating to reports ingame, please write in the message who you are reporting(ingame name) and your own ingame name.

4) Have questions that absolutely require staff response ( Some questions about the project specifically etc). We have #Help-Skylords( https://discord.gg/GgfSq8T ). if you feel that another member could adequately respond to your question, don't PM mod mail.  


This feature is NOT meant to be used for:

1) Technical support- We have #techinical-support( https://discord.gg/Y7CBKSX) channels in discord and https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/38-technical-support/ for that. Technical support questions will be ignored and pointed to these channels. Severe or repeated infractions may result in a warning.

2) Bug Reports- We have #report-a-bug( https://discord.gg/gN5fgAh ) on discord and https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/41-report-a-bug/ for that. Bug Reports will be ignored and pointed to these channels. Severe or repeated infractions may result in a warning.

3) General Questions about the game that could be answered by a community member. We have #Help-Skylords( https://discord.gg/GgfSq8T ). if you feel that another member could adequately respond to your question, don't PM mod mail.  


Any Abuse or spam of the system without a legitimate question may result in warnings and/or bans.

How It works(5 SIMPLE STEPS):


1) Find the Bot in the online list in discord such as above:


2) Left click the bot and type your message in the field or: Follow the protip and right click bot 


and click Message

3) Type Your message in the red box, Green box is for uploading images to be sent to the mod team as evidence. Press Enter



4) This is sent as reply. React(Click) on 1 to send to Skylords Reborn.


5) That's it! Your message is sent!

6) Pro Tip: Typing multiple messages? Tired of getting confirmation messages like this? image.thumb.png.a6b51f96e78886b1442ad0cced25736d.png

Type =confirmation and send to the bot like so (below)


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