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Befallen's Curse - Infused/Tainted Disease

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Befallen's Curse:

Creates an near infinite loop even though the debuff states it doesnt spread further. One spell did this to poor Spore Launchers:


Befallen's Curse - Infused Disease:

Typo: but no longer spready the disease?!

Rewrite like tainted version/disenchant: Unit loses XY live points per second and is immune to all major buffs. Unit cannot spread the diesease among surrounding units.



Befallen's Curse - Tainted Disease:

Debuff left displays "50%" and debuff right as well as the card state "25%". The effect is actualy 50% (tested with Fallen Skyelf on Sporelauncher).

Debuff left:

Debuff right:






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Seems to be on one part a mismatch with the - now all to often bugged status bar icon tooltip -, as the card description does not mention anything about it not infecting other units anymore (even suggesting a long loop of infections "[...] suffering for at least 20 seconds."

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