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Treefiend purple affinity faulty description

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NAME: Treefiend purple affinity
DESCRIPTION: The description gets faulty after appling U3 on the card; <Tainted Acid Bath (p)> gets mistakenly changed to <Linked Fire (p) ***>. Removing it (going back to U2) will restore the corretc descritpion. It's despalyed even in the "Card Upgrades" preview window. Green affinity seems to be displayed correctly.
SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/zuEXw2F https://imgur.com/w6BTGXy
LOG: No log required.

image.png.4fea6434882df2c20e4b2f4502104038.png   image.png.6d3c768a31664289e7970f19db4cca3c.png

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19 minutes ago, Zyna said:

I already fixed this on the test server. Thanks for the report though.

Couldnt find a report of it on the forum, probably because its super clunky to find stuff in here. xD

Thanks for the fix :D

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