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Is this game still alive?

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I just found this gem! Battleforge was my childhood. I can't freaking believe its back! Im looking at the card database now and OMG the nostalgia... I'll happy donate to help the server running, so is the game the same as the original or is it different?

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I also have found this game few days ago. Its a powerful change, because this is a key game, because no RTS are out there, working as intended, being the fun intended, count the wounds the time scratches in.


I got almost all cards except the very rare ones, in just only that time. (Playing like 8 hours a day oops). One notices very the restrictions that were there, and are there, but thanks god we have at least this stand. If i had time, i would work on content for the game, but i dont have the circumstances to do so right now.


Im missing a 'welcome back' thread, so' just saying hi, here.


The playernumbers are more than ok. at first, everything seems superstrong, but when you get the right cards, it turns.

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Is this really happening??? Im I fu....ing dreaming? The day the servers for battleforge turns down, was a worst day for whole humanity. I stop believe I will play this masterpiece again :D I cant count how many hours i spend with this game. Now Im turn 30 and this is the best gift ever :D Im downloading, and i hope it will work :D 


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