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Pedro Pazzi

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  1. Pedro Pazzi

    my game just wont start.

    Already done, still doesnt work
  2. Pedro Pazzi

    my game just wont start.

    I did all of the steps, all of the advices, here, or on another forums, but stil the same problem ... "The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b). etc" . Still doesnt work, and i feel terrible. I WANT TO PLAY FOR GOD SAKEN !!! Please help me
  3. Pedro Pazzi

    Is this game still alive?

    Is this really happening??? Im I fu....ing dreaming? The day the servers for battleforge turns down, was a worst day for whole humanity. I stop believe I will play this masterpiece again :D I cant count how many hours i spend with this game. Now Im turn 30 and this is the best gift ever :D Im downloading, and i hope it will work :D

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