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Happy Easter! A little help to endure the lockdowns

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Heya Skylords, Skyladies, and other Skyfolk,

Spring festivities are upon us again, and this year it's a rather strange one for all of us. With global lockdowns and measures taking place against COVID-19, millions of people are currently in self-isolation at home. For those who have recently discovered Skylords Reborn, or even for those long-time veterans who want to complete their collections, we're going to giving everyone 5 boosters to endure the grind a little better in these trying times. Use them as you wish; perhaps you'll be able to try out something new, perhaps it'll give you that well-needed collection or economic boost, perhaps it's just a fun time opening them! 

Of course, Easter time is something not to be forgotten, and so we're also giving all of you an Easter Egg card, as the tradition goes. You can find these gifts in your in-game mailbox to redeem and spread the happiness with!

In the meantime, now more than ever are we trying our best to get the game and the ever-awaited reset to you as soon as possible. Despite the current circumstances, we've actually been increasing progress speed in the past few weeks and we've got some solid ideas and improvements planned to head your way in the near future. We're getting there, Skyfolk, and we're going strong.

Be sure to stay tuned for further developments, updates, and status reports coming your way soon! We've got much in the pipeline.
Please do remember to stay safe, stay inside, maintain your distance, and look out for yourselves and those in need in these awkward but ever so important times.
Enjoy your rewards, stay tuned, and as always, Nyn is ready for you to be ruled and protected!

~The SR Team

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