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hello i have noticed since saturday that this game is back and i am loking forward to play it again thanks that you are so nice to give some people cards here (including me maybe :) )

(2. onlly if it is not available)

UR / R

1. Overlord

(2. Stronghold)


1. Resource Booster

(2. Kobold Engineer)


1. Tremor

2. Lost Dragon (green)

3. Werebeasts

4. Magma Hurler

5. Breeding Grounds

6. Lava Field

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Mods, please close this thread.

~160 cards have been given away, including Enlightenment, Avatar of Frost (3), Harvester, Church of Negation, Shaman (2), Wheel of Gifts, Overlord (2), Mine (2), Amii Monument, Lost Spirit Ships (4), Dreadcharger (2), and many others! But now I am starting to have less or none extra cards of the ones people want...Anyhow, I will still be in game so if anyone sees me online you can reach out to me and I will still be glad to help with cards if I have the ones you want.

In the meantime I will build up the card base again and hopefully I can have another give away thread in some time.

// Ponni

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