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  1. I am getting DC after online for a while, first time manage to open AH and try to join a game, second time i got right after i got online and i am still getting launcher error after closing the game. log here _launcher_log_2020.03.18_197.log
  2. lol yea wtf was that hahaha tyy
  3. Hi thanks for all this. Overlord wheel of gifts Nether warp Lost spirit ship green Skyelf sage Cultist master Motivate Matter mastery green this is what i most need from the what i need most to less. thanks!! In game name: AppleSoice
  4. Yea having the same problem _launcher_log_2020.03.10_120.log
  5. _launcher_log_2020.03.10_118.log that is the last one. and one more thing. if i didn't write the password correct while connecting he wont let me try again i need to close the game and try again. but this is normal yes? Now i am trying to play and when i try to create a map the game just frezee and then i get the launcher error...
  6. I get a launcher error when i leave the game. Already reinstalled the game and it didnt fix it. Sometime the game kind of jumps like it minimize and maximize like something stopped working. and i can keep playing but if i do alt+tab i see the launcher error, and if i close the launcher error the game disconnect form the server or something like that. tried playing in admin mode it didnt help. that is happening in my desktop pc and in my laptop win7/64 by the way
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