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make battleship a useful card by allowing it to transport a building

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battleship kind of sucks really bad in its current state, it's not very effective compared to like any of the other major t4 flying fighters where it matters and its speed is so abysmal with a double slow that in fast match types such as rpve it doesnt even get to a fight before the battle is over. I propose the following:

  1. remove the slow by default, it is too punishing and battleship doesnt have anything going for it that deserves such a huge penalty
  2. give it the ability to store a building. Reuse the animation from lost spirit ship's recycling
  3. while carrying a building have it gain a standard slow eg moloch or spore launcher instead of the double slow it currently has
  4. give it the option to go at full speed but deal damage to the stored building at a rate of 1%/1m (upgrades increase the distance per health by 1m each upgrade for a total of 4m/1% at r3) and reverting to the slowed state once the health reaches 1%.
  5. allow it to instantly place the building just as lss places its crystal (but with the requirement of a friendly ground unit in range)
  6. if needed remove its current cannon ability so it doesnt have too many abilities
  7. if the ship is destroyed while carrying a building then the building is destroyed as well, storage cost should be small (<=30) or free due to the offsets regarding speed/health expenditures, and rebuilding should be free.
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almost everyone in that topic and the slow topic linked inside of it mentions that battleship isnt good or could use a buff, only really construct is mentioned as having a fair tradeoff in some instances. But I agree with the overwhelming majority of players in that thread that battleship is very underwhelming. It has poor damage, average health, and abysmal speed which in conjunction with its very high cost leaves almost no reason to ever use it. The only reason that construct is tolerable with the same slow is because it has such long range and strong cc, battleship has neither. 

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its barrage ability does ok damage especially with upgrades but for 100 energy it's quite expensive and is often not worth it since strong units that cost lest can do good or better damage without having to spend 100 power on an ability. plus it cant even kill 8 t2 medium ranged units without its ability whereas lss can easily. it gets completely recked by similar t4 units such as wyrm or fire dragon and it can barely kill a single northland drake which is t3. it does have the most health of the t4 flying units but thats not super helpful considering how it has less than dreadnought or iron clad and frost lacks damage.

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