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info for test and non test server

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can anyone tell me where is the news section regarding the end of the test server and the opening of the non-test server? because I or abandoned the game because I didn't want to do it all over again from the test server to the server that will come, but I feel like it again and would like to know if the server has been restored? or if it is still in test?

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The test server is something totally different.


The game is currently in the Open Stress Test, which means anyone can play but there are still some bugs that need to be worked out. The devs don't want a "full release" yet because it would look bad to tell people the game is ready when there are still bugs.

I believe there is one reset planned, which will occur when the devs are ready to declare an official full release. This may happen within a month, or it may be more than a year away. No one knows (probably not even the devs tbh).

I wouldn't wait to play the game, as long as you're having fun :). Don't worry about a reset, the game is fun regardless :)

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a GM to answer my question me have write to mephysto type name similar , asked him but in what time will the reset he told me soon, then I either left the game or gave away all the cards to the random person my nick name inside are   SasukeUchiha play type 1 years have all promo card xD me for this I ask he told me soon and it has been at least 3 months since I abandoned him but if and how do you say that you are still in trial things are two, either he misunderstood and we misunderstood or told me 1 lie , however nothing remains the fact that I did not want to do it all again after having practically all the cards in the game remaking it all over again on a new server after the reset it made no sense to me that I still played 15-20 hours a day, so nothing when you open the final server in the future tell me I'll be back .

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