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Stop falsely accusing people for things thay haven't done.

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So today i woke up, got home from a newyear party, opened up Skylords Reborn, and asked to buy a booster for 415 BFP. Suddenly a guy says in the chat that i've cheated/scammed him for a booster. I've never met this  guy before, and i've never traded with him. What can i do? I'd really like to not be known as a scammer, since i love the game, the community, and i'd never scam anyone. I have a couple of videos of the hole thing if anyone wants to see them.


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That sucks @Lars0viCH and indeed in our rules it’s forbidden to call someone out publicly. You can either make an ingame report through the /report feature or a report on discord through SR staff Mail. 

Those two are the best ways to report :) 

Also I would advise you to refrain from showing this evidence to people other than staff 

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