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  1. Hey So today i woke up, got home from a newyear party, opened up Skylords Reborn, and asked to buy a booster for 415 BFP. Suddenly a guy says in the chat that i've cheated/scammed him for a booster. I've never met this guy before, and i've never traded with him. What can i do? I'd really like to not be known as a scammer, since i love the game, the community, and i'd never scam anyone. I have a couple of videos of the hole thing if anyone wants to see them. Thanks
  2. I used Avast, and i'm also pretty sure it was a false positive. Thanks for the answer, keep un the insane work!! Love how much its alike battleforge
  3. Hey So when i downloaded the game earlier today, i got a malware-notification saying that the launcer inlcuded a virus named IDP.alexa.51. Is it a false positive or could it be something dangerous? I btw used the mediafirelink to download.
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