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Balance Proposal: Primeval Watcher

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Primeval Watcher:

The most prominent gripe i saw with this card was the damage of its main attack, which against single targets was often regarded as too weak.

500 Damage is alot to most enemies, but against a T4 creature is much less significant. Our goal is to settle Primeval Watcher into the sweet spot that allows it to be effective against single targets, but not overwhelming against groups.

With this in mind, we have proposed the following change to nudge Primeval Watcher closer to this sweet spot:

Ability: Gaze of the Watcher.

- Increase damage to 600 (from 500).

- The damage reduction formula (-50%/first chain, -33%/subsequent chains) for chaining targets is left unchanged.

These changes were voted on by the Community & Representatives of the Skylords Reborn Balancing Discord.

Voting Results:

Public Vote - :neutralorb: | 46 :natureorb:

Representative Vote - :neutralorb: | 5 :natureorb:

We will revisit Primeval Watcher in the future if further balance is needed.

With love,

Aqua <3

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