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Would this be possible?

If it is not to much trouble?


This can be greatly use to collect variety of datas..

Example of the gold, if we find a player with let say 7mill gold, we may know how long he has been playing and what map he was using and what map are very efficiency vs rpve rank


an example of this is, https://imgur.com/a/l0XEYVV  sunbrdige,  2man, expert difficulty, switch mechanic, 18-20minute on a normal deck. speed run would be around 12-13minute i think?  greater than rpve 9 and 10 4 man               Math calculations=       Good gold farm = Sunbridge + 18minute.  Or simply put  Sunbridge2man> Rpve9 & 10.

Example of xp can be put the same but can be use in other variety of data,   

battleforge point shows us some specific data, as in who has been doing their daily constantly, who got lucky on cards maybe?, who works the market on bids to sell higher etc etc... aka economic of the game..




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6 hours ago, Kubik said:

collecting any kind of data is not a problem, displaying them is harder

I see, well if it is a trouble than no worries, we really dont need such feature ^,^

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