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DC when I click on ''news''

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@KubikThis one is very easy to reproduce. You just need to wait a long time (dont know how much, maybe 5-10 Minutes) in the forge, and dont click anything. Just wait. Then click on the scroll for "New", "Quests" and "Rankings". That will make Battleforge 90% (maybe 100%) freeze. Actually Battleforge does not really freeze, it just looses the connection to the Server. The game freezes for about 5 minutes and then you get the pop-up message "Connection lost" (Dont know the exactly words anymore, but it says that you lost the connection to the server Edit: See below). Playing a map for a long time has the same effect: if you click first on the scroll after a match it will cause an disconnect. But there is a way to avoid the Disconnect: If you click on the market first and use the search and after the search you wait 5 seconds. If you now click on the scroll you wont get a DC by clicking on the scroll. All the players I played with have the same bug. And I really mean all. (I know nobody reported it, including me, sorry for that).

Here a list:
(All random players I played with and other people in global chat, I dont remember their names anymore)
I never played with someone, who did not had this bug

What is more: I am not sure, but I think, that the same bug is also causing matches to not load and getting stuck in the loading screen. This bug came in a few weeks ago. I was not there before. I am not sure if this bug is client side. Just ask, if you need help to reproduce it.


How it looks like for about 5 minutes (Everything is frozen, you cannot click anything. It is not even possible to close the game normally. The easiest way is to kill the Battleforge Task in the Task Manager):

(picture coming soon)

What makes me think, that this is a server sided bug is, that other players see you instantly, that you disconnected, while the affected played needs to wait about 5 Minutes before getting this message:




Interessting: the "News" did open, after the "Disconnected" pop-up appeared, which makes me thinking, that the bug is server sided.

After clicking on ok and relogging everything gets back to normal:

(picture coming soon)


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I actually was not able to reproduce it by playing over 5 minutes long match, I already got few logs for this on discord, so I know that error appear in the client, and client disconnects instantly why the pop-up take that long to appear is unknown for me and it is EA's bug we will not fix any time soon (read as probably never), but I do not think that the pop-up time is important bug, because if everything else will be fine it should never appear.

One of changes (the only one that should be relevant) on test server is more detailed log for this, that did not show any explanation why :( but 1 of 3 players said the crashes disappeared on test server :thinking: so I do not know.

no need for more pictures, only logs, and only if you playing on test server (or after the update will be moved to normal server)

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The "Disconnected" pop-up appeared much faster than I thought. It took just 1 Minute. And I was mistaken about how to reproduce it. Seems like, it was not the waiting time. The reason is the messages, that you write. So, if you wait long, you usually write messages to other player's ^^

Now the correct version:

write some messages to a person and wait for his answers. Then click on the scroll for "News". 100% crashrate DC-rate for me (tested it also on the testserver)

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