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Faster auction creation

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I would like to suggest a feature that makes creating actions to get rid of cheap cards faster. 

As many of you know, if your current deck is in "Deck editing mode" and you double-click on a card in the inventory it will be added to your deck, given at least one empty deck slot is still remaining. I would like to have this quick method for creating auctions aswell, by automatically adding the card into the usual "drag card here"-field,  not to replace the drag and drop version we have right now but to have it as an addition.

Conditions that have to apply are:

  • that your deck is not in "Deck editing mode"
  • you have a duplicate of the card available
  • have the auction house tab "My auctions" open

To ease mass auctioning even further, I suggest to have the buyout price automatically set to 3 bfp if a card is added using my described way.


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