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Tweaking Frost/nature PVP Deck

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Hello there,

I wanted to ask if there are some suggestions about my deck for PVP below

What I'm considering for replacements is root and kobold trick for burrower and stormsinger as this deck suffers from slow units.
What i found as strong is few groups of stone shards and surge of light. For example dazzled stone shards dont die to fire spells, against knockback i can use wintertide or CC.

Any thoughts or ideas ?


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Hi, in the long run you will definetly need:

- hurricane: too efficent against S units to leave to leave it out in any nature splash. Also stops wells from repairing wich is useful in a deck without damage spell.

- stormsinger: a swift, ranged M counter is always good but with stormsinger you also get an amanzingly efficent ability. You will need this ability against skyfiredrakes, wich can be pretty annoying for stonekin.

- burrower: like you already said your T2 lacks swiftness, but more importantly it lacks damage output against buildings, that's why burrower is a must in stonekin.

- spirit hunters: solid unit wich can be used defensively but also to support your attacks

- timeless one: superefficent cc-ability wich makes defense much, much easier.

- some additional T3 cards of your choice, especially some defensive counter units like drones, stonewarrior (synergises perfectly with timeless one) or silverwindlancers are needed if you want to be able to deal with every situation

Dont take out root or kobold trick, both are very strong cards and very much needed. Cards that aren't really strong imo: Wintertide, Rogan, Viridya, Moon, coldsnap

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Having either viridya or rogan as an additional M counter can be good in stonekin but is normally not needed because with stormsinger and stone shards you are more than set. Coldsnap is also a good card for longer matches especially when you play with no t3, which is also an option for this deck. But if you keep Brannoc you should take some more t3 units as SunWu already stated.

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